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Description : A Clean piano run, something different. has a Game kinda feel to it.

Description : One of my throw back starters

Description : Trap with a touch of christmas, enjoy

Description : Its a sad day to lose someone

Description : Another guitar with light effects

Description : When you know your wishes did not come true

Description : Here is the other half.

Description : Dark, Mysterious, Piano.... Looperman is wanting me to split up the sample because they are saying its two samples. well ok.. here is the first one and you NEED the second one to complete this loop..

Description : Just some bad blood

Description : Something smooth

Description : i know it a bit long but trying to find a loop point for this run was difficult. Enjoy

Description : Dark, Spooky, old time scratch, Piano

Description : Hop Scotch

Description : Sometimes you cant go left

Description : Just feeling good

Description : Feeling with no feeling

Description : Hardships in Life

Description : Crying for the lost

Description : Strings for a mood

Description : Just Emotion

Description : Slow Piano run

Description : Deep Sound arp

Description : String hit

Description : Battle String

Description : War marching style strings

Loops 1 - 25 of 43
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