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Description : my birthday is in 2 days! SOMEONE BUY ME SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER. :pepehands:

Enjoy the bells.
Description : Profile for more information. Enjoy
Description : So no discord links allowed. Feels oppressive man. Aren't we the ones driving visitors to your site with the work we're generously contributing free of charge? Think about it.
Description : BRAND NEW DISCORD. Lets make it the best hnggg!
Description : Animal, fangs teeth and mandibles, flesh-eating cannibals they call me Hannibal, horror film, Annabelle.

No? I'll stick to composing. B(
Description : So I took the Myer-Briggs "personality" test and i'm INTJ. Neat. Also, thank you looperpapi for adding the rhodes category! HE DID IT
Description : west west wes coas wes wes yal wes coz wis kost wus coake
Description : oh boi
Description : your technique is great, but mine-....
Description : someone make a petition for adding a rhodes category
Description : bells bells bells bells
Description : pitch it down
Description : B))))
Description : because why not
Description : making a discord for all of us 2 kick it and make hits. stay tuned yall, much love.

Description : gimme bars
Description : extended
Description : goonish rhodes and friends
Description : cinematic bassyboi
Description : big vibes
Description : an endless twisting abyss of what could have been
Description : it rly do b like that sometimes. hazey rhodes with a somber flow
Description : pLEasE SToP AskING mE QuEstIoNz ThAt ArE AlreaDY AnSwEred ON mY pRofiLE PAGe
Description : dumpybois
Description : loop dump
Loops 1 - 25 of 349
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