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Description : S H I N E

Description : Making loops on my friends computer forgive me if they sound like booboo.

Description : don't hmu for customs, but feel free to join our discord.

Info on profile page.

Description : Rhodes, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rhodes

Description : Hello hip-hop

Description : just let the transition happen looperguy holy friq GIVE US SOME MODICUM OF CREATIVE EXPRESSION TIS THE SEASON MYH BOI. Aye, come join our hang out. deets on my profile! B)

also check out my twin sisters melodies!
search "Paganini"

Description : Lesbian caterpillars

Description : my birthday is in 2 days! SOMEONE BUY ME SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER. :pepehands:

Enjoy the bells.

Description : Profile for more information. Enjoy

Description : So no discord links allowed. Feels oppressive man. Aren't we the ones driving visitors to your site with the work we're generously contributing free of charge? Think about it.

Description : BRAND NEW DISCORD. Lets make it the best hnggg!

Description : Animal, fangs teeth and mandibles, flesh-eating cannibals they call me Hannibal, horror film, Annabelle.

No? I'll stick to composing. B(

Description : So I took the Myer-Briggs "personality" test and i'm INTJ. Neat. Also, thank you looperpapi for adding the rhodes category! HE DID IT

Description : west west wes coas wes wes yal wes coz wis kost wus coake

Description : oh boi

Description : your technique is great, but mine-....

Description : someone make a petition for adding a rhodes category

Description : bells bells bells bells

Description : pitch it down

Description : B))))

Description : because why not

Description : making a discord for all of us 2 kick it and make hits. stay tuned yall, much love.


Description : gimme bars

Description : extended

Description : goonish rhodes and friends

Loops 1 - 25 of 356