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Description : Dont let this flop. pls

Description : Wunna Flo

Description : Turks

Description : Here you go. lol

Description : This probably gonna do bad but here yall go
xpand!2 and Nexus

Description : made wit purity
run it up

Description : This one crazy.

Description : Youngboy wit a bit of carti

Description : nexus and electrax

Description : Some crazy shit i cooked with nexus.

Description : Last loop is pending. why

Description : 500 downloads ill upload individual instruments

Description : word up

Description : Off the dome

Description : So the boom bap drums are the ones that get downloads hmm

Description : inspired by EA

Description : dolla dolla bill yooo

Description : Cooked some nexus guitar and added some gross beat. thought you guys might like it

Description : srx orchestra (bad ending)

Description : Ended up making this and nothing really came out of it so here yall go. (Thx for 1k on the last one)

Description : well the title kinda explains it

Description : Danny how you feel?

Description : Best version out there. made 100% by me

Description : here you go fools didnt know what to do with it

Description : AAAAAAAAAAAA yes

Loops 1 - 25 of 36
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