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Description : Fever Dream by Cannos was an incredible experience.
hare what you made or hit me up on insta?

Description : hard picking guitar works with my Bass loop 80s Funk Pop Style part A if u looking for a bass line. Any comment appreciated. Thanks Rick.
No name guitar straight into device low level cut no click.

Description : 4 bars of Wha Wha Electric Guitar and a little bit of delay,just rhythmic like Disco commands :)

Description : A E Disco Guitar

Description : Guitar for Disco Silke

Description : Disco Disco Disco

Description : Good Morning Guitar ( F#minor / E )

Description : discoguitarloop

Description : Theme

Description : Guiteffect

Description : Counting out game

Description : Whole life of "Black Water" riff.

Description : Rhythm & Solo

Description : Disco Guitar ( and there is the Bass ... )

Description : Ilja Richter Tribute D C G

Description : Second Guitar ...

Description : Summer ... so I feel a bit like Nile Rodgers

Description : All the genres

Description : 3 Guitars Bm-Fm-G

Description : very short Guitar Riff

Description : 3 Disco Guitars
Chords are Emadd9 G Am6/7 ( Emadd9 G C )

Description : 8 bars of Disco Fever
drop a comment in case of infection

Description : Thats about disco blues

Description : Funky guitar playing

Description : Funky guitar playing

Loops 1 - 25 of 29