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Description : Out here in Mastic, the city I'm from, we like our drums HARD and BANGIN! Here's some from a beat I made, enjoy.

Description : send links :)

Description : MMMM (send links)

Description : Pretty sicc drums

Description : these 808s broke my beats

Description : comment your work
click on my profile pic for customs

Description : i want collab (im making hard drums asf)
write me

Description : f sharp minor
made in reason

Description : Du du du dudun
Did lots of distortion and modulation on a 909 kick and lots of ott

Description : Some Pluck made with a Coke Bottle xD

Description : Bass made with some Coke bottle xD

Description : some hard azz drums

Description : Made out of Reason 9
would be extremely hard to recreate this as reason did away with the efx I used to get to this sound
The Grit Brothers Sound (Choppy/Gritty/Melodic)

Post Links to what you did with it

Description : A creepy melody for hard beats (Screamo / Trap Metal). Leave your work in the comments.

Description : Fatass 808's w/ vox, perc, snare, and fine tuned hats

Description : Tried something different today.

If you kill this, send the link through.

Description : Insanely hard reece bass.
Made in FL Studio 12

Description : PLEASE if you use this loop, send me a link to I can see that, I have a really hard work to make it...

Description : May be hard to put drums to. Good luck

Description : Playing around with simple melodies in C minor

Sharing is caring, check the profile for more

Some chords will go nicely with this, maybe some hard trap 808s or Lo-Fi

[Update] I added some chords. Search for
"Lone Asteroid Ambient Chords By Jupiter Wave"

Description : Heheheh this one goes hard

Description : this goes hard

Description : Link to any work!

Description : A hard hittin 808 and some spicy drums and your beat is liiiiit!
Show what ya got!

Description : Share what you make in the comments

Loops 1 - 25 of 1512
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