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Description : With relaxing side chain in the background. Perfect for minimal future garage and post dubstep.

Description : Very tight and punchy drums that can be used in almost anything, like trap, dubstep, or whatever genre you're creating in!

Description : The Full Version Of the Dubstep Drums I made.
140 Bpm

Description : The Dubstep Drums I made earlier but with crashes and rides.
140 Bpm

Description : Just Some Dubstep Drums I made (More in the future).
140 Bpm

Description : Sub is in D#. Can be used in conjunction with the Intense Dubstep Drums loop I posted.

Description : These slap hard, sub is in D# as well as the kick and snare.

Description : I listened to "Polyriddim" by Phonon, and I was really inspired by the time signature (7/4) and the tempo (122.5 BPM), so I made a track like this. I saw Angeloo post these kind of drums so I thought I would give you the drums from my track, too. So, thanks Angeloo lol. Also, the tempo of the loop says 123 because I can't put a decimal :(
Leave any links in the comments :)

Description : Leave track in comments if you use it.

Description : Add basses with fx and its a banger.

Description : Used some different cymbals to make an heavy effects. Hope you'll like it! Let me hear what you can do with it, i'm curious ;)

Description : The Dubstep Drums from my song Tellement de Salle

Description : made a track from this, Show me!
Key: D# Minor (only for siren and chants)
Chants and background siren are added as well :)

Description : made a track from this, Show me!
Key: None

Description : Made in fl studio

Description : Some basic drums that fit well with the Old School Dubstep Bass.

They are also perfect for 150 BPM stuff.

Make something cool with it!

Description : just some more dubstep drums.

will fit any key, 155 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : Kick, layered snare, hi-hats, crashes and a fill at the end. Any genre requests to make drums in are welcome in the comments - I will do all ;)


Description : Dub,Dnb, Drumstep, Dubstep.

Description : Try it out!

Description : just some very energetic dubstep drums with rides, hats, percussion etc.
will fit great to a heavy dubstep drop

Description : so i have decided to try some more dubstep stuff, so i´ve made some dubstep drums.

enjoy :D

Description : Weelllll

Description : Enjoy

Loops 1 - 25 of 320
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