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Description : Was made in FlStudio
169 BPM

Description : Was made in FlStudio
169 BPM

Description : Was made in FlStudio
169 BPM

Description : Was made in FlStudio
169 BPM

Description : hope you like it fast

Description : Hey guys!
New Drums!

If you using FL Studio, try to "normalize" it in the Sampler. This makes the drumloop louder.

Description : Drum and bass!

Description : Some simple DnB drums

Description : If someone wants to have single parts, just leave a comment

Description : walkin' around

Description : I listened to Middle Milks DnB vip of One Nipple At A Time (amazing song) and got a huge throwback to Duncan Winns remix of Caged by QB!K and decided to research this subgenre of dnb cause goddamn it goes hard af.

Description : New Day, new opportunities!
The DNB drums are from my Track.
But i let the Cymbal away, so you can put... whatever you want in it, or not xD. Feel free to use it like you want.

Description : Summery Piano chorus made with LABS
Can be used in DNB , TRAP , Dance

Description : angry drums for no reason

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Dnb drums ready for usage

Description : Hey guys!
New DNB Drums, new options!
Use it like you want!
Still liquid funk drums for me :)

Description : inspired by strxberrymilk and such... B, Dm, Dbm, Adim, B (second chord was an accident but it sounds fire)

Description : i made this off my face so if it sounds off sorry xx

Description : My first Jungle Dnb Drumbreak

Description : Made with vital, just some loud horns to add structure to a dark dnb track, maybe breakcore?

Description : Inspired by sewerslvt's acid dnb revival, made with Vital to give it it's slow evolution which is perfect for looping whole or only a section of it.

Description : The chords are Emaj7, Ebm7, Emaj7. Useful for dnb, modern jungle, breakcore, future bass (basically anything lol) Hope you enjoy it. Would love to see it used so leave link!!!

Description : Dnb drums kinda overprocessed

Description : A 190 BPM amen break, mimicking the fast and randomized drum samples of Venetian Snares.
Genres: Jungle, DnB, Hardcore

Loops 1 - 25 of 906