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Description : My first Jungle Dnb Drumbreak

Description : Made with vital, just some loud horns to add structure to a dark dnb track, maybe breakcore?

Description : Inspired by sewerslvt's acid dnb revival, made with Vital to give it it's slow evolution which is perfect for looping whole or only a section of it.

Description : The chords are Emaj7, Ebm7, Emaj7. Useful for dnb, modern jungle, breakcore, future bass (basically anything lol) Hope you enjoy it. Would love to see it used so leave link!!!

Description : Dnb drums kinda overprocessed

Description : A 190 BPM amen break, mimicking the fast and randomized drum samples of Venetian Snares.
Genres: Jungle, DnB, Hardcore

Description : A repetitive and chopped up amen break, somewhat mimicking the rolling drums of Photek. Bitcrushed for flavor.
Genres: Jungle, Ambient Jungle, DnB

Description : CHeck out my spotify: Aidan Johnson
here ya go :) enjoy

Description : Ultra heavy hardcore bass for your ultra heavy hardcore track.
Can also be used for Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass(DNB), Bass House, Hardstyle, and more.
Made in serum from scratch.

Description : Same as the original but a quarter of the speed. Feels more like an industrial type beat by this point.

Description : Same as the original but half the speed. I could see this version working in a hip-hop or industrial track.

Description : Not sure if this works best in DnB or some kinda rock genre. Let me know.

Description : Hey,
i just reworked my DNB Drums.
Longer and more spicey.
Just tuning a little bit around.
If you have any questions, be free to ask und use :)

Description : good for layering

Description : A 175 bpm remixed break, containing a reverse section and a snare roll.
genres: jungle, dnb, breakcore, hardcore

Description : Synth loop I wrote for a DnB project that I later scrapped. A blend of three layered synths using the ANA synth and Logic's stock sampler.

Description : kinda hard

Description : Enjoy :)

Description : green and dangerous
w/ sub-bass

Description : green and dangerous
w/out sub-bass

Description : Simple mean reese

Description : A synth for trance, DnB and more if it goes lol. Haven't really edited the sound as be best for you guys to change to your liking.

Description : some simple drums

Description : SGP x Slugg Christ x Ethereal type loop
Also it'll sound good on jungle/dnb music

Description : Hey guys,
I just wanted to share my DNB Drums.
It's up to you how you gonna use it.
I'm using it in the way Liquid Funk.
The BPM is 175
If you have any question, you can ask :)
Let me know your critics and how you gonna use it!

Loops 1 - 25 of 887
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