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Description : Synth loop I wrote for a DnB project that I later scrapped. A blend of three layered synths using the ANA synth and Logic's stock sampler.

Description : kinda hard

Description : Enjoy :)

Description : green and dangerous
w/ sub-bass

Description : green and dangerous
w/out sub-bass

Description : Simple mean reese

Description : A synth for trance, DnB and more if it goes lol. Haven't really edited the sound as be best for you guys to change to your liking.

Description : some simple drums

Description : SGP x Slugg Christ x Ethereal type loop
Also it'll sound good on jungle/dnb music

Description : Hey guys,
I just wanted to share my DNB Drums.
It's up to you how you gonna use it.
I'm using it in the way Liquid Funk.
The BPM is 175
If you have any question, you can ask :)
Let me know your critics and how you gonna use it!

Description : 3rd part out of 3
P.S try DNB drums with that loop x)

Description : Fast Drum and Bass Groove.

Description : sorry for not uploading been going thru some stuff
my take on dnb drums so its prolly shit

Description : Drum and Bass Synth for your DnB productions

Description : Relaxing and cool pad for your DnB productions. Enjoy!

Description : jungle dnb loop

Description : FREE TO USE! Good for DnB music.

Description : i was trying to make a dnb bass sound hope you find it usefull

Description : made with fl studio

Description : made with 3xosc vst

Description : jungle drum n bass loop

Description : DNB loop, 160 bpm, mastered. Please let me hear the result if used, thanks! Enjoy!

Description : made with serum, for a song called corpse party

Description : DrumandBass, DnB, Drum, Bass, Jungle, Modern, Pop

Description : A hat that I used in one my recent dnb track. There are 4 different layers of hats, if someone ask me for it I can post the four different layers but I don't think they are so interesting alone.
Post a link to your track below, I would love to hear what you made !

Loops 1 - 25 of 819
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