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Description : A nice sample

Description : Wanted to make a beat like Billie Eilish and ended up with this.

Description : lower, minor sound (possibly toms) Made on Bandland. Please put link in comments if used.

Description : ... because its in c# :D Get it? No? ok. Anyways, this is just a dnb arp that I´ve made for ya´ll.

174 BPM, C# in Blues Scale

enjoy :S

Description : Thicky thick. Extra nice and thick.
Some bitcrushing and very light distortion added.
Sounds good with a small sidechain behind kicks.

Description : Drum beat

Description : if u make smthg of this i would love to hear it!

Description : A classic break.

Description : My previous loop with additional hihats.

Description : Loop made entirely by me.

Description : Still cleaning out some of my drives and seeing what projects I can salvage. This is something that sounds nice but I probably wont ever use it.

Description : Made this for a bump but I wanted to share it.

Description : hmu for collab ;)

Description : Simple bass loop I used in one of my projects. Made using TAL Bassline Synth with some compression, EQ and reverb. If anyone wants a less processed version I can upload that too.

Description : Something for dnb let me know in the comments if you made something with this

Description : a serum preset i made

Description : 166 dawg bass synth

Description : a serum preset i did

Description : Hope this is useful. Prog D&B

Description : Comment A Link of What You Made!!!

Made in Nexus

Description : boom boom kah chicka chicka boom kah chicka

Description : kah chickachicka kah chickachicka kah chicka

Description : Hope you enjoy (:

Description : Send me links to your beats with this!

Description : Trying to get that sound.

Loops 1 - 25 of 2800
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