Description : I suck at making brutal drops.

Brutal Pneumonia by iammodus has received 7 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. A69
    A69 on Mon 28th Mar 2016 - 6 years ago

    I actually do appreciate the honesty, I am not very good at accepting criticism... this is a fact. Skeiz once told me that he liked a song of mine BUT it would be better with a build before the drop. At first I got all offended & insulted & now I almost never do drops without a build because of his advice. It took me awhile to realize that it sounds a bit better with a build or riser. I used to just like scaring the crap out of people with a sudden aggressive drop like the UKF tutorial on Dubstep suggested. I will mull over your advice very seriously & take it into consideration, I promise. I am very hyper active & used to do a TON of meth so things being too fast for too long without a break is kind of normal for me. You would really hate my song Emotion Sickness (DNB). It is around 11 min. lol.

    Reply by iammodus

    No problem, glad you took it into consideration!

    Keep it up!

  2. A69
    A69 on Mon 28th Mar 2016 - 6 years ago

    Drums are almost the same? Lol. The drums change every 4 counts of music & never repeat twice exactly. I'm a little bummed you felt that way.

    Reply by iammodus

    It's not the order or pattern of the elements, it's just that they won't stop in like 2 minutes straight. Just the fact that they're almost always there.

    Sorry if I was kinda harsh, but that is my most honest opinion.

    As always, keep it up! :D

  3. A69
    A69 on Mon 28th Mar 2016 - 6 years ago

    Here's a link to your perfect loop in action:
    Thank you for making this possible & please never stop! I am thankful for what you do here. -Bill Cowart of A69

    Reply by iammodus

    Hey bud! Thanks for using my loops!

    In my honest opinion, it feels a bit repetitive, the drums are almost the same throughtout the entire song. But that's sort of a stylistic choice.

    Keep it up!

    -MODUS Music

  4. lfos15
    lfos15 on Sun 14th Jun 2015 - 7 years ago

    Amazing Drop! Use it on one of my tracks! :D

    Reply by iammodus

    Thanks for using my loops! :D

    By the way, I saw your song is in E Minor, while my loop is in F#, and because of that the song is not pitch-matched with my loop. I think you can pitch my loop down to E so the two things match :D

  5. TydalForce
    TydalForce on Thu 14th May 2015 - 7 years ago

    It's great, what are you talking about?

    Reply by iammodus

    Well, if it sounds fun for you, then "hurray!"


  6. CatBrawl
    CatBrawl on Fri 8th May 2015 - 7 years ago

    u should enter here:

    Reply by iammodus

    Dude, that song is amazing! Maybe I can check that. I'd love to participate for the first time in a remix competition. Thanks for letting me know that! :D

  7. FrizzledGizzle
    FrizzledGizzle on Wed 6th May 2015 - 7 years ago

    Duuuuude that drop is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply by iammodus

    Really? I thought I sucked XDDDDD

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