Description : some stuff at 140 eh?>

Crazy 140 Skrillex like by digitalSKYY has received 11 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. TotallyTwinky
    TotallyTwinky on Sun 27th Sep 2015 - 8 years ago

    Hey, thank you so much for your sample. I started creating my own after a while but because of this sample I started an entire project. Check me out and tell me what you think. Thank you again.

  2. dvlet22
    dvlet22 on Thu 11th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    hey same question as aeonine can i get the version without all the white noise thank you

  3. CelestialElf
    CelestialElf on Tue 3rd Jun 2014 - 9 years ago

    Many thanks for use of great sound which I used in my machinima animation Gwydion Caer Wydion (approx 2;54) meaning Gwydion, Born of the Trees, at 'the Castle of Gwydion' which was the traditional Welsh name for the Milky Way.

  4. djomg2000
    djomg2000 on Sun 27th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    honestly the best god goddamit thing i have ever heard in the everness of ever, my highly toned ears detected the same background noise as in `wild for the night` by skrillz. you are the biggest legend in the entire universe, no exaggeration used.

  5. Refl3x
    Refl3x on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 - 10 years ago

    Just amazing... I'm gonna remix Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and this is just what i had in mind for a drop

  6. haav1
    haav1 on Tue 25th Dec 2012 - 11 years ago

    nice man, you are the bomb! could you send me a version w/out the white noise as well?

  7. yohello
    yohello on Sun 23rd Dec 2012 - 11 years ago

    Nice will post my result soon!

  8. goody999
    goody999 on Wed 12th Dec 2012 - 11 years ago

    Thanks very much for the loop. I used it in the below track.

  9. CroOkymtp
    CroOkymtp on Tue 4th Dec 2012 - 11 years ago

    My question is who you did such an awesome growl ? O.o

  10. AeoNine
    AeoNine on Tue 4th Dec 2012 - 11 years ago

    Is it possible to get a version of this one without all the white noise?

    Reply by digitalSKYY

    Yeah email me, ill send it tonight

  11. hilersluver
    hilersluver on Tue 4th Dec 2012 - 11 years ago


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