Description : Synth Bass for Slap House.

Leave a comment with your track link.

Enjoy ;)

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give RandomAccessData some feedback.

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Description : A catchy lil house / deep house melody for yall

Description : Classic Bassline made with Spire, with sidechain and 1/32 chops. Comment your works and hit me up for a collab!

Description : Radio ready future house bass.
Have fun with it.

bar 1-4=A 5-8 =C

Description : I hope you like it!
It's just a really hard distorted Bass including a deep sub!
PS: First one is without sidechaining and second one with sidechain!

Description : Future house type bassline

Description : Send me what you did with it below.

Description : Something I came up with but drew a blank so I thought you guys can see what you can do.
You'll need to put a sidechain, reverb and chorus on to get the best out of this.

Description : This is my first bassline loop for Slap House music I ever created. The chord progression is F#m(2 bars)-Bm(2 bars)-E(2 bars)-A(1 bar)-C#m(1 bar). Please make sure that other elements of your track match with the key and that chord progression

Description : Like me Slap House Bass Drop

Description : Hit me up for custom stuff

Description : Serum with vocodex, reeverb & flang

Description : leave link in comments if used! :)
-tags- xxxtentacion, ski mask the slump god, fukkit, gizmo, kamiyada+

Description : Send me what you did with it below.

Description : Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel Bass bassline synth pop electro 3n0

Description : slightly side chained and sprinkled with OTT