Description : it's a mark 1 electric piano reversed an procesed trhu a buch of effect
if you have any question message mei will be happy to answer you

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give leKleH some feedback.

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Description : RnB, i know you will love this, comment with links to track

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Description : A that sounds like something 40 would play around with.

Description : Dark/Ambient/Trappy pad+strings

Description : Gentle chords played on a vibraphone. 4 seamless bars.

Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj7-----Cm7/Bb

Description : D Japanese scale . Enjoy

Description : A Drake Type Dark Pad Loop
leave a comment with your beat

Description : Posted a loop a couple days ago with this same sound. It had a little extra melody in it. Had some people ask me for just the pads. Here they are....Enjoy.

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made in reason

Description : A mysterious ambient pad loop I made. Recorded at 84 bpm. Good for background atmosphere scenes/cues. Use as needed. Any questions send me a message. Enjoy, Peace.

Description : i'd love to hear what you can do with that.

Description : Nice)

Description : KEY: Eb-min
TEMPO: 84bpm
A layered "pad" to go with the soul clap loops

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