1st Dec 2009 22:29 -  14 years ago
Description : Rusko style beat

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NandanKarleYT 28th Jul 2021 09:18 -  2 years ago
IsoRaw 11th Jun 2011 15:23 -  12 years ago
This is one of the best I've heard on this site so far definitely reminds of cockney thuggin it lol :) Im going to give you 10/10 rating cause it really is that damn good! Props!
djkinectic 30th May 2011 07:49 -  13 years ago
mate im downloading a few and your profile keeps cropping up its no coincidence fat!
ellolt 27th Apr 2011 17:28 -  13 years ago
hey guys, pls sent me same loops as this, rlly thanx for that :] skype: xinterx1, email:
Thhis1 2nd Feb 2011 22:46 -  13 years ago
BlazinS's Reply
If you give me your email i can email you like 145 single bass samples like this...

CAN you send me 145 samples?

Thanks mate! Cheers!
Sam87 25th Dec 2010 16:56 -  13 years ago
wota wicked loop, that is talent, wud love to know wot bass/synth patches u use to make them. Is there any chance that u wud b able to send me some bass notes so i could ave a go at makin my own, dnt reli ave many decent dubstep type sounds
XxDubstePxX 10th Nov 2010 23:02 -  13 years ago
This is dirty. What software did you use????
dub2zero 7th Apr 2010 23:46 -  14 years ago
just cut from the song !!!!!!!!!!!!!111 cheating really :P
benbowles 1st Apr 2010 19:15 -  14 years ago
it won't come up on garage band, just never appears on the workstation
kylecf24 29th Mar 2010 12:55 -  14 years ago
sick sound were can i find single note sounds like this. they are phat sounds and enough respect for uploadin it
BlazinS replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
If you give me your email i can email you like 145 single bass samples like this
djdomin8 22nd Feb 2010 22:46 -  14 years ago
holly $%### mega !!!!!
edshore 21st Jan 2010 06:40 -  14 years ago
killa loop!!!!!!
solaceone 6th Jan 2010 21:38 -  14 years ago
phatness beyond phatness.... loving this loop
badass007 30th Dec 2009 10:25 -  14 years ago
how did you do that?
BlazinS replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
ive got over 300 dirty bass samples that are loopable and use ableton live
Influence420 17th Dec 2009 03:28 -  14 years ago
damm this is rusko style.. where's my money!! sick loop

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if you use it, i wanna hear
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p.s. its my first loop =))
3rd Mar 2013 18:30 -  11 years ago
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20th Mar 2011 03:55 -  13 years ago
Description : Thanks for downloading this loop! I hope you can find it helpful. If you decide to use it in a song then I'd love to hear the result! Credit is always appriciated as well. Thanks ;)