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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

Acapellas (18)

Description : Market my stuff tryna get big!

Description : I need water after this joint

Description : Recently read a manga called Goodbye Eri and that really inspired me to make this song.

Description : 156bpm Fmin

Description : It might get a little tricky at the end since I got a new headset and the recording may be slightly delayed.

Punk Rock styled

Description : Key: Ab major
Don't think the harmony is great but I'm experimenting with my vocals.

Description : Key: F major
Vocals were recorded on a hyperpop beat.

Description : Big project soon at least 10+ songs

F Major 143 BPM

Description : If used please put ft Mizu in the title thanks.

Description : Heard this beat freestyle the hook and the rest history...

P.S: Key is in the file Bb Maj :)

Description : Song I made in a hour 90% freestyle 10% writing and making the lyrics make sense

Description : I wanted to go for a Post Malone vibe. The song is like a hip-hop jazzy pop vibe lol. If you're using this piece give credit to me!! Thanks!!

Description : meme song I made A Major or F# Min

Description : C minor

Description : recorded this in august never released it since the feature didn't want to go on here so decided to finish this alone.


Description : always running out of breath lmao just a lil freestyle I did

C# Minor

Description : An old project I had sitting around was waiting for a friend to hop on but decided to finish the whole song

C Major

Description : My acapella for a song I did. If used please put me in the title. Ex: ft Mizu

Beat was in Db Minor but the vocals are in C#

Acapellas (18)