Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

Acapellas (6)

Description : Song about being in debt. Send me what you make with this and get in contact for commercial use!

Key is Eb Minor.

Description : Country Rap Song. Please check my profile to contact me about any song you may make with it. Also a reference track is in my profile that I would love this song to sound like. Check it out. Thanks!

Description : Chorus with mostly freestyled rapping. Feel free to chop it up and get creative with it.

Description : Melodic track I made. Key is F#M
Theres a quick loop of the piano melody at the beginning for reference. Let me know what you make with it! Dry vox available if you make something fire with it

Description : Funny freestyle I recorded with a buddy back in Houston a while back. If you can't use his verses I'm sure you can use the hook. I think some fire could be made with this! Hit me up if you create something with it. Song should be called Top Fair (Remix)

Description : HMU if you make something fire with this! Also include "Trap Stretch - Danny Tanner Manners (Remix)" in title. Dry vox stems available upon request

Acapellas (6)