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Children Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Please send links to any tracks made using this vocal to
This song is about black history and how it is hidden and re-spun by media, religious organisations,monarchy's and governments with an agenda to suppress important historical facts. These people are keen not to update modern text, and teachings within the educational system that provide false readings and yet another generation of children whom will absorb lies such as the heritage of great men and women in our worlds history.

Description : A Song BY William Gammon

Description : Tho children run through the forest to the bank of the river - to watch the sunrise. Pure words about the friendship - and - maybe - the first love. The rhythm is 4/4 or you may count on 8. But the melody starts with the 1/8 delay.

Description : This one has a few bumps from the children playing downstairs :-(, hope it isn't too bad!!

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Description : I wonder if this kind of love exists anymore! Please excuse the bumps, the children downstairs decided to play...REALLY LOUD...sorry! It's not too bad though, really...go ahead...listen :-).

Non-commercial please include Feat. Patricia Edwards and leave a link here.

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Description : Inspired by DJMurderer's "My Heart Belongs To You" track, listen to it here

Read a story on roadrunner a few weeks ago about a woman who killed her bf, her children [OMG!] and then killed herself. Made me want to cry. All I could think is, "what was so wrong?"

I've been at low points in my life when I wished to die, but all because someone believed in me, all because God knew I just couldn't see His plan for me, I am still here. And I hope someone else can know that no matter how bad it seems, THERE IS HOPE, you just have to hold on until its YOUR time.

If we could all encourage, inspire, embrace someone who could just use a kind word...

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Enjoy, and please share.

Description : I wrote this quite a few years ago now. It's also been uploaded to this site previously by me.

Description : I work with children sometimes and this is a the time 6 years old laughing..I think she did a good job! lol

Acapellas 1 - 8 of 8
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