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Description : rock groovy with Addictive tune
Description : recorded live with Addictive tone
Description : harmor
Description : harmor
Description : old dnb drums
Description : old dnb hats
Description : old dnb snares
Description : old dnb kicks
Description : I'm composing and arranging Pachabel Canon in Eb, this is a violin part.
Description : brushes loop, part D
Description : brushes loop, part C
Description : brushes loop
Description : brushes loop, part B
Description : from a beat this week
Description : chill hip hop synth with some piano
Description : bassline
Description : this is a melodee i made just for fun. it goes in f# and the bpm is 140. i feel like it can be in use for dubstep. but someone can probebly make chillstep out of it. use it as you want
Description : mallets inspired by there will be blood
Description : Second loop
Description : loop 01 out of 02
Description : Ibanez Bass riff
Description : pad resamapled then reversed
Description : its all so fun to play as a kid angel. made in reason 7
Description : its were angels wash away their sins made in reason 7
Description : An Ambient Hip Hop Pad from an upcoming track of mine. Enjoy.
Loops 1 - 25 of 48483
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