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Description : Keys: F/F/G#/D#/F/F/G#/A#
Description : the kicks had water splashy sounds in them so i chopped it a bunch and put filters on some hits to be wobbly made a couple kicks bigger and used miximus and waveshaper on them then a snare hit with reverb sent into the distortion from another channel and then sent the disto out to another channel with eq2
Description : Made in Ableton with massive and nexus using tweaked presets. Good for a little Asian flavored trap or electronica. File was too big to upload drum loop too, should be easy to replicate but get at me if you would really like it uploaded.
Description : Created in Ableton with Rhodes style electric piano synth.
Description : Good things come in threes. Made in Ableton with Massive synth and Nexus cello and pads. Great for electronic music of any variety. EM Abm D#m C#m
Description : made in reaper
Description : made in reaper
Description : Upbeat Drums
Description : Trap beat put together in Ableton with a small Synth phrase
Description : Just a couple huge 9 chords made in Ableton great for Future bass and trap stuff
Description : .......
Description : Drum loop for drumstep
Description : Minor 9 Chord progression Made in Ableton live for chillout, futurebass, trap, soul, hip hop, ambient. Chords are Fm9, Dbm9, Abm9, Dbm9
Description : FX loop of a strange, subterranean, flooded environment, in an ultra-wide stereo, with sub-bass frequencies. 8 bars.
Description : Funky clean guitar riff
Description : Good)
Description : Nice)
Description : harmor and maximus exported then eq2 and convolver
Description : stretched drums and filters on the hats
Description : Keys: E (minor) / C (major) / A (minor) / B (minor shifted)
Description : A bit of a hip hop beat, mixed with a drop of old school R&B.
Description : Made this on Sylenth
Description : Beautiful choir loop I created in FL a wk ago at 84 BPM, A# (Dm chord was inspiration)
Description : Endless routine, eh... If you enjoyed it, leave me a comment, always makes me happy to see some feedback. PS; If you find any difficulty on using this loop, please check this link, it's a " tutorial ":
Description : Made in Fl-Studio.
Loops 1 - 25 of 64139
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