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Description : .....
Description : Dave Fielding Tribute !
Description : smell the smoke ... guitar in C B F
Description : .....
Description : A random massive lead synth.
Description : .....
Description : made with Maschine and ableton and massive. using note repeat at 32t
Description : made with ableton and massive
Description : 180 BPM.
Description : sounds like stickybuds
Description : harmor
Description : harmor sounds like elevator music
Description : various stuff to go on top
Description : swing drums cut up
Description : Here's the orchestral drum section of GA loop pack I have created for all of you. Bpm recorded at 80. Something simple but does wonders for the project.
Description : Here's the lead string section to the sound of inner strength. Recorded at 80 bpm in Gm key of C.
Description : Here's a string section recorded at 80 bpm in Gm key of C. The string backing to the sound of gods army finding strength within.
Description : Here's a choir section from a warm up track I created. Recorded at 80 bpm in Gm key C. Sounds like gods army finding inner strength.
Description : Cinematic Brass
Description : oldschool pad
Description : .....
Description : ......
Description : ENJOY
Description : break dancing
Description : ...I'm...The Batman...
Loops 1 - 25 of 44987
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