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Description : Made with Edirol.
Description : made with Organ3.
Description : A very nice drum loop I have created using various samples from FL Studio. This will go nicely with my Harmor Bass 1 loop! **PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE MY LOOPS IN YOUR SONGS**
Description : Just a bass that I have created using Sytrus and Harmor. I resampled it and then cut it up to make this awesome bass line. This would go great with my Harmor Drums 1 loop! **PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE MY LOOPS IN YOUR SONGS**
Description : Well, I don't produce dubstep but I have a bunch of these loops like this! (Apologies if the loop isn't the best quality, I'm still half deaf from seeing Skrillex last night.)
Description : ghoulblins
Description : Piano Loop in F - MAJOR (D-Minor); Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. MORE LOOPS, CONTACTS (Facebook, Youtube, Email) and FAQs are on my profile page! Thanks
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : Strings from my last project,sounds very nice,if you like it and do something with this loop share it with me :D I will continue to upload more and more loops every day :D
Description : Description : If you use it, i want to hear the result. Made in FL 11. Notes used; First bar; G6, A#6, D#6, D6, C6 Second bar; F6, A6, D6, C6, A#5 Third and Fourth bar; D#6, G6, C6, A5, A#5
Description : New drums please show me if you use
Description : .....
Description : Drum Loop from one of my projects,if you find it useful share youre project with me :D
Description : This is a loop I made for one of my beats a couple of weeks ago,hope you like it :D If you use it send me your work when youre finished :D Have fun!
Description : This one supposed to be for a love song,its a very short but catchy piano loop,have fun with it and send me your work when youre finished!
Description : .....
Description : Nice modulated reese to go with the drums.
Description : 140bpm, but sounds like drum and bass.
Description : I made this loop few days ago and didnt know what to do with it so I decided to upload it here for you guys :) Enjoy and share your work with me when youre finished :D
Description : .....
Description : made this
Description : .,-%=
Description : atmospherical piano loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 50640
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