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Tags : | RnB | 5.00 MB | Featured

Description : i heard a bunch of other mixes, thought they all sucked so i thought id show em up lol. took me like 30 mins though, didnt give it a huge effort.
"imdangerous" vocals
i took vocals from both his tracks love gun and your boyfriend is a loser...
love gun was in a different key, i did the best i could to change it. if it comes out crappy my bad, the end before my little techno fun break, is the best. =P. tell me what you think.

Description : been a while since ive been on here, but found this rapper and he is just ill, So i made a track. just made it fresh today right after i found his voc's.

Description : So did a mash-up of a few diff acapellas
Enjoy! =]

Tags : | Electro | 6.14 MB

Description : I kinda did a double remix, i guess?
the vocals = Love gun - imdangerous.
took me like 30 mins. it was kinda fun, and im over here shuffling to it...
its not a legitimate song, it was mainly just messing around, i havent decided if i want to make it a legit song yet. =P.
i pretty much did remixes of all imdangerous' vocals.
i just havent been in the mood to upload. =P.
so here's number 2.
i recommend you turn up your bass and volume as much as possible, thats what i did with mine, and its friggin orgasmic. lol. if you like electro that is.

Tags : | Dance | 2.53 MB

Description : got bored.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.57 MB

Description : took out that gay little middle area

Tags : | Electronic | 2.10 MB

Description : not finished by any means just a rough draft i need to find some lyrics to mix into the beat and blend em in just havent found any acapellas that match the song so i can build on it.

Tracks 1 - 7 of 7
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