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Chippin Away
  • From : Fairview, Canada
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Tags : | Trap | 8.96 MB

Description : Big Description Here

Tags : | Electronic | 9.37 MB

Description : A smooth chilly ride, experimenting with different production approaches.

Tags : | Dance | 13.35 MB

Description : Trying to compete in the infamous (and unfortunate) Loudnes War, but my mixdown just doesn't seem to be up to par yet - leading me to hit my limiter too hard, waveform resembles a brick more than I would like, but, here it is. Enjoy!

Tags : | Weird | 4.80 MB

Description : The other day, I recorded my drive home from work, and used the sounds from my pickup truck to recreate the into song from the first gen Pokemon games (red/blue/green). A lot of cutting and re-sampling, and for the sub-bass I tossed a sound of my door closing into Serum and picked a nice sine-like single cycle from it and used that to synthesize the bass. I cut the sound of the horn into super-small pieces and repeated them really fast to build the lead. My pickup is a diesel, so the exhaust has a lot of noise in it and covers a good portion of the frequency spectrum, so i used it as a kind of wide-stereo pad. sound of my keys layered with the door for a snare, and the ding from the dashboard and the horn made up a couple more instruments. No sampler plugins, just pitch-shifting everything on the timeline and EQing and other FX etc... Tell me what you think of this experiment!

Tags : | Electronic | 9.49 MB

Description : I've been writing like crazy, but realized I haven't uploaded anything anywhere on the internet for the better part of a year.
plenty of pitch bending here, and some field recordings in the intro that I got in an abandoned warehouse.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.75 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Written on a bass, then moved to the guitar, then programed into a synth.

Description : Wrote these over a year ago. Never bother to show them anywhere, at least not that I remember anyway. Fantasize is very slow, no drums, implicative, whereas Stainless Steel Ferris Wheel not as much, picks up more.

Tags : | Dance | 5.76 MB

Description : Popping my head back in here, again, .I swear i'll actually try to stick around again this time. Anyways, I've been working on mixing my guitar in with my electronic sound, and am looking for some feedback on this rough mix. TIA!

Tracks (8)