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Description : Made this last year for another friend but nothing came out of it so again just putting it out there for my creative people :).

This is a pop(ish) rnb(ish) type beat, more pop but it's got a slowed down mid-tempo club kind of feel to it. The second track I've uploaded in which i'm happy with the production quality, it sounds a lot more professional then stuff I upload (imo). Let me know what you think...
It took me a long time to get the mix right(ish) as the bass, which is one of the first times I had created any sort of melodic pattern in the bassline, took me a long time to mix as there was a fine line between not being able to hear it and it distorting the other instruments.
I'm also pretty happy about the hook of the song, it's probably the best one I've ever composed, especially the subtle chord progression in the second half.

Anyway enough raving, hopefully someone can make something really good of it, rapper or singers can do whatever even if it's just a verse or a hook :)... and please send me a copy or a link to it after as I would love to hear what you've done.

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Description : Finished mix for PowderJay1's song "She Takes Her Time". He helped me also in the production of this. Produced and Mixed on Cubase 5! Please Review and tell me what you think of it :)

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Description : As well as showing off my tracks to the world I think looperman is great for giving constructive criticism and praise. This is just one of the things that I've been working on. I have managed to escape from the piano on this one :D. I think it has a nice hip hop vibe to it. Unfinished of course!

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Description : First beat I have put a sax in. Love the laid backness in it and also wanted to try make a ballad type beat.

Its in A and it is 3/4! there is a key change after the sax solo but it doesn't sound right? Anyway feel free to feedback.

People who have used this Beat:
MuzicIzMee4Ever - I'll Do Anything For You

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Description : People who used the beat:

Answer Your Phone by JcanSensation79

Spread your wings by Frizzy

Made it a few months ago and have no idea what to do with it :s. A tragedy rnb? instrumental...

Enjoy and If you want to write a song and record over it, be my guest just remember to send me the final copy so i can enjoy your beautiful works :).

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Description : A push away from my usual depressive/sad piano songs. Features a little bit of piano but not too much.
Warning: String heavy :O

VERY roughly mixed. Made it in the last few hours. Think its pretty catchy.

Anyone want to get on it the bar after the chorus with just piano and strings and no beat, it is not meant to be sang or rapped over, if the chorus is sang hold the last note as long as you can over the section until the beat comes back in then you can carry on rapping or singing. If your rapping the chorus just leave it or maybe say something over it and then carry on to the next verse after.

I think I've got the hang of the key change :D epic one at the end (i think)

Leave me some feedback :D

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Description : Title :P lulz.
So first cinematic track I have ever made. Mixing could be better but yah. I like the dynamics in cinematic music so here is a short one I came up with a an hour ago.
Playing on the ole' piano and came up with a pretty dramatic melody.
I could totally see this in a movie. What do you guys think?

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Description : A very dope pop/rnb acapella from ThaSuspect

I made it into a kinda slow relaxed but still kind of up tempo beat. I mean its not dance but you can get up and move to it!

Also I need to mix it a little better and sometimes the timing goes off a bit. It took me longer to get a rightish tempo then to make the song xD

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Description : So for the last five days i've been suffering from tonsillitis (and when I say suffering I mean sleepless nights and too painful to eat suffering), which sucks because i'm on a break from school and I haven't been able to go out for the first half of my holiday and with this it looks like I'll have to spend all my holiday in bed -.-.
I got onto my computer this morning due to boredom and about an hour ago I decided to make something that would ease the pain and take my mind off so this is what I got. Its short.

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Description : Not sure on the genre here :/ but it can fit into pop I suppose. Nice sounding instrumental I just made in the last 30 mins. Nice catchy chorus. Anyone interested I will send after I have produced the whole thing.

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Description : nice sounding song, if i might say so myself. Only around a minute long because of the short acapella.
Xsition on the vocals (a great singer)
Original is here:

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Description : A beat I originally produced for a friend of mine but I decided to share it with my looperfam (Credit to who ever made this phrase!) :P. I have no name for it at the moment :/ so any suggestions?
Feel free to download and add vocals to it, just send me the link after so I can enjoy it!

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Description : MuzicIzMee4Ever's beautiful acapella! Hopefully I did a little justice for it.
I was originally just going to do an acoustic (piano and some strings) for this but I decided to put a beat to it. Hopefully I captured some of the emotion in it! I might do an acoustic one soon!
2nd Mix I have to do some more tweaking, adjusting and mixing. Just wanted to get some feedback on what you clever people can hear and some constructive criticism!
Thanks guys!

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Description : MuzicIzMee4Ever's acapella she sang for my "rnb ballad beat". It can be found here:
Acapella can be found here:

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Description : Lemme explain the intro... I had made the instrumental and wanted to get someone to rap over it and I wanted someone singing the hook and I didn't want to sample. This was before I joined so I didn't know anyone who could do it so I heard a Bei Maejor song - Count on me and he sings the hook and then just increases the pitch for a chipmunk effect. I did the same but the hook didn't sound great so I took it off. The intro however I think is kinda cute xD. I'm thinking of taking it off since it won't go with the rest of the song

Also the lead you hear at the end was the original melody of the chorus but If a singer wants to get on it I am happy to change the melody!

Please any singer/rapper wants to get on it feel free but please post the link in the comments because I would like to hear it.

Tags : | RnB | 3.44 MB

Description : First Beat I was fully happy with maybe needs tweaking a bit but yeah -.-. Name Self explanatory can't think of a clever name to call it... Hip hop/rap/Rnb Beat

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.07 MB

Description : So I've been wanting to finish this for a long time but never got round to it but now i have a 2 week break from school so I have 2 weeks of beat making so I might finish this!
Anyway I feel the need to put this up for everyone especially Fit2live05 to get some feedback on how its going!

Anyway when I heard it i knew this is a emotional piece and everyone else has put it to a upbeat song which I thought was fine but It didn't really do it for me. So its just Piano and a few strings!

Please leave feedback and I will update when I've finished!

Description : Added a beat, think it really compliments the flow. The mixing could be better but its as good as I can get. Vocals were too loud last time due to the fact I judged it solely on the loudest part of the instrumental so settled for a happy medium.

Anyway please give me feedback, appreciate everyones whether it good or bad (as long as it's constructive). Mixing is a b*$( because of all the layers and they are thick in texture so I did my best.

(If you want this beat to rap over, freestyle, I can make it longer. Just contact me.)

Pella here:

I improvised the piano in one take so don't be too critical on that ;P

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Description : A lot more upbeat then my normal songs. Deffo something to play in a club.
I know theres a few problems with the mixing but yah.
Oh and special thanks to Mahloo13 for helping me with the bpm (Drove me mad -.-)
and of course big thanks to pallaso and Kage for making and sharing such a great acapella

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