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Description : A track I made mostly as some kinda catharsis, since I was in a really bad mood . . . guess this is some "love it or hate it" thing, but meh... tell me your opinion, kay? And yah, I know that the vocal-snippet are hard to understand.
Also, its in Hardcore for the kick, am not really schure if that is fitting, thought.
Adult-flag for the nearly unhearable f-word and the subject matter itself.

Nosleeves made an awesome remix of this... can be found here:

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.43 MB

Description : quiet a bit of time since I was here... huh.

Anyways: Musically speaking some oddish mix of a somewhat ambient-ish but deliberately raw and slightly dissonant intro with... Speedcore, I guess? Anyways, pretty close to auditory abuse, so be warned.
I was kind of pissed when I made the main part of the track and it def. shows.
the name of the track has no real sense as "Marrow E" is simply an anagram of "earworm", which this track is NOT . . . yes, I like irony.

Description : some Drum And Bass... been a while since I worked on that genre, no?
anyways, this actually started out as a hard acid trance track untill I randomly had a change of heart and decided to make it a lot faster and use breakbeats...
also, change of heart is my fav card from the yu-gi-oh cardgame.
anyways, hope you guys and galls enjoy.

Tags : | Weird | 8.78 MB | Featured

Description : My first track this year... and no, I have no idea what genre this would be considered, tell me if you happen to know? I guess it is somewhat trancey or something, but, heh, no idea, that is why I put it in weird . . . anyways, hope you people enjoy.

Tags : | Trance | 9.43 MB

Description : yo, no D'n'B this time. Instead my first track of 2013 is a tad... well... it is from me so no clue what kinda music this is... it is a tad trancy I guess, tell me if it fits somewere else better...
Well, just tell me what ya think about it, kay?

On a side note: the name "Biomechanical Puppet" has not really a deeper meaning. I DO mean humanity with it, though...

second side note: thanks to Phyruis for the tips on mastering.

Description : Track name ist german and means calculable death...
tell me your opinion about it, kay?

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 9.49 MB

Description : Track name is german and means... well... redundancy...
Some kinda DnB, not shure what kind, thought.
Personally I think it has a somewhat mixed feel to it, but whatever XD
Also, considering I made it, it uses a relative sparse arrangement (only 5 Synths and a varied drumtrack)
On a side note: don't make it too loud, the intro is rather quiet...

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 7.09 MB

Description : A track I made for the One-Loop-Challenge... it uses this loop

well... it is simple but considering I made it it was friggin automation hell...

Description : Been quiet a while since I was active here and since I made a Hardcore track... well, whatever.
The track itself is a mix of Speedcore and Trancecore I guess. It's somewhat based on a dream I had, yet it doesn't really explain anything. The vocals are myself and quiet hard to understand, they do include cursing and the f-word, thought.
track name is actually simply "R3d", -]DYS4NGeLI0N[- is a tag I use to declare my somewhat harder music by now to distinguish it from the stuff I make as -[Al_K_TraX]-
last but not least: there is a easter egg, so to speak but is easy to find.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 8.87 MB

Description : three times the charm, huh? This is the thrid try to upload that, the first time my internet crashed, the second time I had an timeout... yay

so, some new Drum and Bass, I guess... I experimented a tad on the drums so it may be a tad strange here and there, but, well, you decide if you like it or not, so tell me your opinion, kay? And most of all: have fun!

Tags : | Weird | 6.38 MB

Description : this track is actually not serious...
I am not shure were to put this... it is chippy, a tad weird here and there... and for being made by me actually quiet happy and bubbly Xx

Description : Since my last track is quiet happy and bubbly this one is more darkish... with a cheesy-edge for humor.
Some people might argue that it is a tad to fast for DnB - being 190 bpm - but whatever
Vocal-Snippet is as always myself talking XD
Hope you enjoy it, have fun!

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.61 MB

Description : A track I made in pretty much only 4 hours... one hour for writing the track and 3 more hours to get it finished XD
guess it is some slower Trancecore, so if your Idea of Hardcore Techno is unmelodic, fast rhythmic noise then this one is not for you...
Even if you dislike it: I had quiet some fun making it so I am happy... still I'd like to hear your opinion^^

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.24 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : the second version of "Gutmensch"... I personally think its better then the last one but naturally I am a bit biased XD tell me what ya think, kay? Have fun!

Tags : | Weird | 8.85 MB

Description : A new track from... clue what to say about it except that I dont know what kinda music this is?? tell me, kay?

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 8.93 MB

Description : My newest track, even thought it isn't entirely new. I experimented a tad with the mastering. I really enjoyed making this one even thought I have no clue why actually... Also, the name has no deeper meaning.
Tell me what ya think, kay?

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 8.50 MB

Description : My newest track. No clue if this is still considered D'n'B for it is rather slow (150 bpm actually)
Also it is inspired by the Video-Game "Chaos Legion".

useless side-note: it is the first time I used g-minor Xx
tell me what ya think kay?

Tags : | Weird | 5.98 MB

Description : First track for me to upload XD
Made this one using mostly Reason 4 and Slayer2 (a VST)
Its rather odd for me to make a thing like that, for I mostly make musik wich is more... distorted XD Dont know what genre this is so I simply put Weird, if thats wrong: tell me what it is^^
'cept for those random percussion at the beginning an in the song I didn't use any samples... the one I used is a Rex-Loop that comes with Reason 4 x.x
Enough senseless brabbling, hope ya like it somehow, if not give me at least some usefull criticism^^

PS: The MP3 says that the Interpreter is -[Al_K_TraX]-... thats simply my Pseudonym I ushually use oo

Description : Made this one for a Contest oO
It is a Remix of Grotesks "Coming Out Of The Hills" (great track btw.)
I took out all the music (cept for one Guitar-Riff) and did nearly only used the pella for it.
I distortet the Guitar and the Vocals a bit and then added the other instruments.

I was more going for a rather aggressive style without going hardcore distorted.
It is the first time I EVER did something with vocals so pls don't rip my head apart (and the first time I remixed something I got no musical notes for...) ><

PS: I chose Hip-Hop for I simply ain't got a idea what kind of music this is now...

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.01 MB

Description : first of all: this track is OLD, it is one of my first tracks in my actuall ushuall Style (as stated in the chat: my ushuall style is some odd kind of hardcore)
Non the less I felt an urge to Upload it simply for it is my fav made by me.
If ya dislike distorted Sounds: don't listen, ya'll hate it.
I used Reason 4 to make this (first and still fav prog...). It only took me about a day to make it, didn't pay attention on smooth changes at all, I had some really bad mood and just wanted to get myself a better one by making music. I experimented with the Bassdrum and then suddenly had my first Hardcore-like Bass wich was my first introduction to anything Hardcore-like (didn't ever listen Hardcore at this point of time, I was a friggin' pure Metalhead back then Xx)
It does have a melodical edge to it but the melodys are either dissonant, distorted and/or simple.
For the name: "Abteilung Flammenmeer: Ascheregen" is german for "battalion sea of flames: rain of ash"
first Part of the name is a inside joke on a job a made then and the second part I simply added for it somehow fits giving this track a rather odd and long name xD

On a side note: I mostly use B and C minor in my tracks... this one is in C XD

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.89 MB

Description : One of my newer tracks, made it shortly before "Dr3am Zer0" therefor being its "somewhat-sis-or-brother-track"
I put it in Hardcore for I can't relly decide what kind of music it is, tell me if ya have a better idea where to put it XD

Made it using FL (guitare and Bass in Slayer) as well as Reason (everything else XD) - just like most of the time XD
The Idea behind the track was to make something distorted but melodic and somewhat... massive.... no clue if I got that what I wanted - but I am somewhat happy with it - It is a little slow though XD

The name says it all: I made the song only at night while being overtired XD

worked about 2 and a half days on it (pure working time... I started the project itself about a week before I declared it to be finished)

before someone asks: Marching Rhythms are somewhat a ushuall part of my music, I simply like them for no reason XD

Warning: may (or better DOES) content the good ol' tritone, so if ya dislike this interval: don't listen - I love it myself XD

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.31 MB

Description : Name is german and means "burned earth"

yeah, being bored + me + DnB + Slayer in FL is a BAD mix... thats what came out with it. No clue if that is really DnB... actually its rather simple so.. yah XD hope ya like it non the less.
The used breaks are mostly some simple modifications of the typical 2-Step. Guess about ever DnB head will hate it XDXDXD

so far~

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.21 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Yay one of my new songs! I put it in hardcore for no real reason cept for having no effing clue XD its actually more like Rhythm'n'Noise so ya... the little sample is me saying "Weist du, In deinem Falle ist sterben ein legitimer Weg die Welt zu verbessern" ("In your case dying is a legitimate way to make the world a better place"). Therefor me being cynical.
As always: Reason 4 XD

hope ya like it^^

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.01 MB

Description : My second new track. Also distorted, also no melody, just pure damn rhythm...
as always: Reason 4 XD
made it outta pure bordomness. Hope ya guys like it^^

Tags : | Weird | 6.09 MB

Description : Weird for the fact I have no clue WHAT kind of music this is considered. I actually worked rather long time on it and it is one of my most melodic tracks. made it only using Reason 4.
Hope ya guys like it, tell me what ya think of it^^ (and if there is a better genre to put it into: tell me please^^)

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