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Description : Beat by Bones. Mixed by SMP80. Could use a female vocalist to add a little something to this. .

Description : Its been awhile. Did this lil track, thanks to The Zerit for the beat. Used mixcraft for the mixing, couple new tracks on the myspace as well.

Description : Heres this one. Everything by me except for the awesome beat, its from Wounded Buffalo. I labeled it adult content for the one word of curse I use in it.

For the lyrics Ive been on a power of now mindfulness kick for awhile now, leaving the past in the past trying not to worry about the future and focusing on this exact moment. Ive done well with the pass but the future part I need to work on. So this is a positive track from me to help ya stay on the point of now, dont know if I accomplished it but hey I gave it a effort.

Far as vocals I did it in one take(verses and hooks seperate but one shot for each of em) and thought i nailed it down pretty well. I used some compression on the vocals and for the first time boosted the low a little, and a touch of reverb for the end.

All feedback appreciated. Any criticism on how to make it better would be awesome


Description : The song describes why I rap. Money. I've made over 79 cents so far. Beat by JDOT, myself with the raps. If the 2nd and 3rd hook sound off, youre high.

Description : Why pimp songs gotta be all, against women and ish? All violent and what not? I present to you a place where nice pimps live. Beat by Big Lu's Beat Igloo

Description : 1st song off the new album Balls and All. Beat is by superfresh Coney Island Records. We had to put together our life story in a creative way for a class so i did a vid and heres the song. Not my typical as im not big on sharing but hey its alright.

Tags : | Rap | 5.99 MB | Adult Content

Description : Beat by Coney Island Records and is off my new album Balls and All. Free DL. This may be the most catchy bestest song on the album. It just may be. I dig it, but I normally dig all my stuff. I was drinkin' tigersblood during this heres the album link feed back always appreciated.

Tags : | Weird | 5.14 MB | Adult Content

Description : Least thats what the hook says. This is a beat by Coney Island Records who always brings his He-Man to the beat making. This is another one off the new album Balls and All Ive heard it 400 times so I'm kind of tired of it so I give you my rag tags

Tags : | Weird | 4.81 MB | Adult Content

Description : One of my favoriter ones off the new album. The beat is by Big Lu. His beats always make me work a little due to the format, but the songs normally end up pretty good ie: Nice Pimp Song. Feedback always appreciated and the rest of the album is

Tags : | Weird | 2.71 MB | Adult Content

Description : Used some loops in mixcraft and sent a message to all to be nice. EXPLICIT!

Tags : | Weird | 1.73 MB

Description : We've all been there. It's OK, youre not alone

Description : I love this. A collab from the US to Germany. Myself on the rhymes and Jony23 on the beat, intro, adlibs and mix. Great job from the Spermin' German. This sounded better than I imagined. If your not into scat you might wanna skip it.

Description : I got this beat from Mr. E a long time agao and FINALLY did something with it. This is a collab between me and Baby Jayne, shes pretty nice on the mic.

ANY feedback appreciated.

Im still wondering if I got the vocals mixed right on this one.

Description : This song shouldnt offend anyone but if you can be anything, even kitty cats, then please do not listen.

The beat is by JDOT, lyrics by me. Ive been working more on the production end of things, like an hour more, I used to hate it but I'm getting more into it. Had a couple people mix this but went with my version. Compression has helped alot.

Thanks to the Zerit for the lyrical content advice, this is pretty clean. 3rd verse is the best in my opinion as the writing of it came at a good time for me to let somethings out.

Im digging the track but need some fresh ears to check it out.

All comments, feedback, hate mail appreciated. Any advice on making this track better is certainly welcome.


Tags : | Weird | 6.11 MB | Adult Content

Description : Last little thing I worked on before I took a break. The beat is by Endtransmission, not sure about who is on the vocals. Any feedback welcome.

UPDATED March 13 2009

Now mixed by endtransmission sounds way better, take a listen

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.77 MB

Description : Heres this track i did awhile back, mixed by Dynamite so it sounds better than it did, thanks to Dyna

Description : DL'd a track from 3Runner and wrote this yesterday, recorded it today. I normally like to have my lyrics memorized but just went ahead with this. Take a listen and give me a review, if anything sounds off let me know. Thanks looperman.

Description : This is the last track from me for awhile. I'm out of beats and a little burnt out so it's time to take a break. I should have an album ready when I return, only question is EP or LP.

Beat is by Mr. X, yep the same guy you had to beat on Kung Fu for NES, the boss man, the rest is by me. If you can be offended DONT LISTEN.

However this is my club banger so it should be cool.You feel me homie? Nah mean?

Description : Not sure about this one. I'm thinking its because ive said these lyrics a million times in the past year but im not really feeling it. I have tried these words on about 7 different beats but the 2nd verse never really worked right. So I tried them on a beat I made with loops and it fit perfectly. Added a lil reverb. Tell me whatcha think, always looking for feedback. This is my 2nd and last song about ish rappers.

Description : I think one of my best ones, used my 16 bars for the Pres verse, and added a couple more on top of a Mos Request beat. Take a listen and tell me whatcha think and if you have any beats you want me to check out let me know, Im fresh out.

Description : Another one I put some work into. Not 100% happy with the first verse but I think it keeps getting better verse by verse. If you have headphones you can pick up the overdubbing very well. Tell me whatcha think I need some feedback.

Tags : | Weird | 4.03 MB | Adult Content

Description : I had these lyrics laying around for a couple weeks but nothing quite fit it just right, until Birdy101 sent me the link to this beat. Ive never even heard of dubstep before so I dont know the format but I did what I did. I got into this and I don't think my soon to be trademark ish mic could handle it all. Mixing was kinda a bch. So tell me whatcha think about everything, mainly looking for an overall opinion and mixdown opinion. Thanks to Birdy for the beat and I look forward to doing something again. Thanks to you and your review, good or bad, I'm a grown up, kinda.

Description : First track I actually put some work into, I'm happy with it. Used Mixcraft for the mixdown and a cheap karaoke mike. Give it a listen, I'm looking for feedback, all FB is appreciated.

Description : Heres my entry. I had to steal R Truths ring song a little because that part of the beat sounded just like it. Mixed by Coney Island. If I dont win that means this site is full of Helen Kellers. Yep yep

Description : Written by myself and Dynamite, produced by Dynamite. Im Huck Finn he's Tom Sawyer. A little nicer rhymes from me.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 37