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Description : I was visited by elves and they related to me their chants and news about their wonderful kingdom.
Description : experimental song with subliminal messages
Description : with some Apache vocals
Description : I'm an English teacher for Spanish speakers and I actually used this in the classroom while the students were doing a 5 or 6 minute writing preparing for a conversation activity.
Description : dubstep 2016, I used some parts of the I got from his site, but I don't remember from who. I might make more to the song.
Description : this is dubstep or reggae or raggastep whatever,
this is my first version adjustments will be made in the future, tell me what you think
Description : this is reggae blues dubstep, I hope you like it
Description : This is what happens when you listen to The Barkays all day. This is funk reggae rap dubstep. I used some from this site but I don't remember who because I cut them up. I do remember one though. It's the whistle in the rap part of the song. It's from mrmyrsky.
30/10/2016 I updated the song and made it longer since it was so much fun to make and easy to do once you have the beat going and the samples in there, haha that's me on vocals by the way hahahaha
Description : vocals are from Lolleatta Holloway, I hope you all like this one, 17/11/2016 - I uploaded an update, I tried to pan things out like David Gibson mentions in his video, I don't know if anyone will notice it,
Description : the song has Jennifer Lopez on it and Raquel J,
and the piano loop is from zsb410
Description : Description : This song relates part of the story of one of the greatest men and warriors of Islam ever, Khalid ibn Walid (saif Allah), radiya Allahu anhu. He was one of the companions of the prophet, salla Allahu alaihi wa salam. Updated today 24/12/2016, it didn't want to update my track so I uploaded it again in a new track
Description : at 2:15 it starts talking about Abdullah ibn Hudhaifa (may God be pleased with him) who was another companion of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), this is the start of a new genre, IslamiStep, towards the end my laptop runs out of memory, so I gotta cut it and start a new song
Description : haven't been here for a while, mainly because of work, sometimes I like this track, sometimes I don't, I still can't seem to get the sound I want, but I didn't make the song for nothing, so I might as well publish it. Tawheed is an Islamic concept, which means the oneness of God, and that only he has the right to be worshipped.
Description : I actually made this in 2015 and some of my friends liked it. This week I tried to remaster it. The song is told in 3rd person by the way.
By the way, this is NOT islamistep (islamistep is a new music genre which I'm trying to start, that's basically dubstep with Islamic themes). This is just REGULAR dubstep.
Description : This is my new islamistep and dubstep song. I like it. You might hear one of your samples in the song. I have hundreds of samples from looperman now. So if you hear your sample cut up, or something that could have been your sample but in a different key or distorted let me know. /There is a prophecy that says an Islamic army will march from Khorasan (which is mostly in present day Afghanistan) until AlQuds. AlQuds is Jerusalem. They will cross all the countries in their way. And Allah knows best.
Description : a track I made, even though I'm not sure if it's finished, I wanted to give it more of a mash up sound
Description : Dubstep or Raggastep, Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb, I used his vocal, and I made the music, thanks to Ricardo Mineiro for his reggae samples that I cut up and to some other people, if you hear parts of your sample in here let me know, Hope you like it
Description : Hey guys I'm back, If you sit back and listen to this, it takes away stress an depression. anti-stress
Description : I hope ya'll like this one, I hope you like the progression
Description : :) Bump this sh$$ in your car, haha
Description : a super rock dubstep fusion from the inner dimensions of the dungeon of my bedroom
Description : I sometimes get this pain in my fingers, hands, and arms, but only there, it's like arthritis, I think it comes from stress, while making this it took it away
Description : feel free to download and use in your flat-earth videos or skateboarding or surfing tricks videos or whatever, just send me a message and a link, made almost entirely with sylenth1


Check me out in youtube and suscribe, my youtube is like dead
Description : This one's about when you look in the mirror and you see things negatively when really everthing around you is more positive than you think, it's about obsessing and decieving yourself in the mirror

Tell me if there's anything too loud on the track or not equalized properly


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Description : made with fruity loops and sylenth1

watch the video while listening to the song, it goes well with the videos

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