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Description : Need help with this, very noob. Originally wanted to play cover of Right This Second by Deadmau5 but ended up with this. Since original want to make it better. Only software used, Garageband 11' V 6.0.5 (not the latest version) apple loops used, only keyboard play is my original work. Let me know if you want version without apple loops. I don't log in that often.

Description : Originally intended as a tribute to the song Nuclear Sun composed by Roland Brant and remixed by Dj Satomi. First Version was designed to be complementary to the Dj Satomi cover, composed with a tone of sorrow since it was written over last winter during a time of isolation. New Version takes it to a whole new step: composed in a day with a lot of anger then mellowed down over an afternoon to make it more fun. Composed using Garageband v.10. Automatic drummer feature used. Nothing else of other people used. Please do not delete, this is not battle music, although has a theatrical feel to it. Feel free to provide feedback or use as part of your track.


Description : Not enough happy tracks get uploaded here so I'm uploading one. UK PC Music Revolution inspired arpeggiator mix. Borrowing ideas from late 2000s and early 2010s Bollywood music, CHVERCHES and Poseidon's Nightfly and several other sources including 80's Hi Energy. Music can be considered Happy Progressive House but can also fall into other categories (I'm putting it in as techno, not quite sure where it will fit in). Has that semi-modern discotheque feel but is light to medium in intensity. Built with freedom and happiness with a hint of loneliness using Garageband V10. Automatic Drummers used. Feel free to use it as a backing track and provide me feedback.

Tags : | House | 4.08 MB | Colab Request

Description : Beautifully sad, kinda hard to believe it's a sad piece. House/trance music stub remade from a previous techno/trance version made last summer in garageband V 6.0.5. This one made in garageband V 10. Not sure of it's origins, love or regret, or the ridicule of both? Nor it's present genre but definitely somewhere in the house-trance area. Feel free to use it on your remixes as a backing track. Enjoy!

Tags : | House | 6.40 MB | Colab Request

Description : Inspired by DEADMAU5? Not really unless you count the name. Definitely has it's roots in modern British alternative music. Genre is: alternative progressive house. Built with positivity in mind so apologies if you see any melancholy. Constructive feedback along with harsh criticism and trolling welcome. Enjoy! UPDATE: White noise courtesy of exfain added. Improvements suggested by Tumbleweed added, new drummer track added. A slightly older version was used to remix Dylan Young's: America. This track can make many songs sound lively.

Description : Love looping this short and listening to it for minutes at a stretch since it's perfection. Never made it into a full track but definitely will come in useful for others so here it is enjoy!

Description : Incomplete but decent try to create a scenario where the airwolf theme meets enigma. Not the real theme though, but you get the idea. All done using garageband V10 with inbuilt instruments. No real singer. Will update eventually. Enjoy!

Tags : | Trap | 1.55 MB | Colab Request

Description : This one I just made for fun. Not sure how much Tumbleweed influenced my work on this but... Would make a good backing track for a rap song once looped and spliced properly. as the name says. It's got that naughty asian feel to it.

Description : Probably NOT the lamest piece I've ever composed but nothing I compose is really that bad. Did it over many hours with a breaks in the middle. Working release. Better in quality than some of my other works. Feel free to work with this if you want although I don't know how you could use this on some of your own work. Would love some feedback on this one. Enjoy!

Description : Nuff said. Use it to remix your cross-fit fantasies. 135BPM. Still a work in progress. Enjoy!

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