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12th Feb 2014 09:41 - 10 years ago
Description : Did a raw few hours "quickie" on "JacVanBee's / Ottos Daughter's" "Onto the next one" - totally like that outstanding voice - would be nice u get on the bus Fräulein ;)
6th Jan 2014 14:14 - 10 years ago
Description : Another day, another Track, another crossover ;) Rap meets Bluesrock (or so). Not maxed so hard, lots of dynamics (related to my other stuff).

5th Jan 2014 10:17 - 10 years ago
Description : Track made for vocalmixtesting,as i m totally noobish, working on vocals. Used the dry Vocals, 1 Track with a double and 1 send with chorus n reverb.
Not perfect but gained some xperience - hope u can hear that. Comments welcome - as i want to get better ;)
Couldnt get out breathing by automation...

Following Loopermenloops used:
3rd Jan 2014 13:42 - 10 years ago
Tags :
Description : 3rd day of the year n still just one track? Sou get this accident:) Done some glitching, sidechaining, gate n trigger experiment which somehow threw out some sice parts. House meets little bit of dubstep ;) Wanted to do something totally different - result is no way what was intented, but some nice parts in it ;) Again lots of Samples used - gonna update artists list in the lyrics section. 128BPM 128kBit - see this as an accident - if there is a part u like - it can be dumped n workedout in coop. as it has more than 20 tracks, there is lots to go for - just take a listen, and tell me in the comments what u need - or just what u like...... or not :D Gonna clean it out alittle - a some (most) parts are totally overloaded...
1st Jan 2014 07:13 - 10 years ago
30th Dec 2013 12:26 - 10 years ago
Description : Did a somehow cool Mashup goin through a lot of styles, with samples n loops of around 20 Looperwomen and -men. Cant get em all, cause of some trackdumps (still more than 40 tracks n around 200 effects n stuff . Never before i had to handle more stuff in one track). But it might be some fun searchin yourself. Totally like what came out.
All started with the loop "gorgonzola burgers" from user megapaul, which got somehow first loop result i liked, so i started to collect n mashup ;) As i m normally totally into synthmanglin, it was some nice new experience. Its some nice example, how u can mash up all different styles without "respect" - and u get something, hmmm dont know, maybe fresh. i wanted it to sound smooth with no harsh highs (would not have been a able to handle, hehe), only at some breaks/drops).
You find a list of the artists i could remember in the lyrics section...
Sound not perfect, hey but it s funky :) Still workin on the bassline, it doesnt want to fit in so well yet...
27th Dec 2013 10:41 - 10 years ago
Description : 174 BPM DnB with deep dropbass. Reworked it, happier with the mix now, wanted to get it more sharp, but givin enty3way back his lower end... that click caused two compressors to go crazy. What is left of it, is from some high filtered 70ies delay, n wanted ;)
So have fun with that BUZZTARD - I like it...
24th Dec 2013 10:00 - 10 years ago
Description : Another, a lil more prepared liveaction. The changes are a little harsh, but with 4 arms n 20 fingers would have been easier, hehe. didnt want to precord tracks on the triton. Next bigger "project" will be a complete track with triton and electribe, so i can use 16 Tracks on electribe and 16 Tracks on Triton... should be enough - but has to be well prepared. For the moment Im tired on DAWing. When I get better Monitorspeakers,i ll be more into production stuff again.
Heard there are some clicks in it; guess 1 compressors attack was totally wrong, sry 4 that...
19th Dec 2013 10:05 - 10 years ago
Tags :
Description : Another oneshot recording with my electribe - again minimal prepared - my first try on a minimal improvisation... not so much into that style, so dunno how it is.... tell me ;)
tried bring some asskickkin into some laidback sounds...
sounds oldschoolish - recorded in mono 44.1kHz and exported to stereo 44.1kHz, then konverted to 128kBit mp3, lol... have fun with that one - i like it somehow. 126 BPM

Reworked in Ableton to add some almost random noise n clicks. So we have a mono grooveboxtrack "remixed" in ableton..
12th Dec 2013 15:41 - 10 years ago
Description : After some love that dirty valvesound, I decided to do another quick and dirty one, hey love that bass. Low on variations, but little more relaxed - I think, hehe :)

Just live improvisation, no production...
160BPM - 128kBit because of length.

Again, me and the valves needed time to warm up - guess it's normal if u don't prepare too much :D

So: 1st 2min doesnt happen too much, more Bassvariation last 2mins (for those who can't wait :)))
11th Dec 2013 09:14 - 10 years ago
Description : Did a quick liveimprovisation with my Electribe.... Created some pattern and den slammed n mangled them live.
Saw after recording that the right level is higher than left, dunno why, guess one patchcable got problems, I hope it's not one of the electribevalves, gonna check it later...
After recording I only added lil Reverb (no automation) and 2 Compressors in row, after mostly killing below 40Hz.
Have fun with this one - but expect no soundwonders, but some raw azzkickin dirty liveset :) Like it, though it's not perfect. Because of length in 128kBit... 161BPM kinda dark minimalistic oldschoolish in da face dnb :) spheres? lol ... leave a comment if u like that buzztard ;)
8th Dec 2013 18:50 - 10 years ago
Description : Slow laid back Dubsteptrack inspired by Elina Milans "Magic Beats"
Used basic ableton orchestralsounds (piano, strings, pizzicato, viola n brass) - soundin rly bad, but effected excessively (not even better, but fits in). Did 3 days on "composition and production" so expect a real deep and detailed one - for my skills, lol...
Lots of Massiveinstances, some samplemangled with looper. About 10 differnt Kicks, 10 snares and lots of percussionsounds. Could say that I spent days on that beat, but i guess it were 2 hours...

This one is not for the sensible classicfan - just like u should expect from me old punkrocker...
I like it, its kinda epic and asskickin and.... what? Tell me :)
7th Dec 2013 13:32 - 10 years ago
Description : Call it HIPPO EDIT :D
MrShammi's epic ugly worshipping :D:
BabyGee sexy vocals abused (sry lady ;)):

Should sound raw and fat n ugly (not clean): i like it as it is (each hour buildin made it mor e clean, thats not what i want, so i just deliver it as raw as it rocks). Just like old dubstuff:)
Tried some new stuff: Build Massive Synth, compress n max out, sent to looper, recorded n cut with several settings. filtered ultralows and up from mid highs, then again maxed in limiter (classic producers would start crying, seein this), eq'd a little so theres left (little) room for the other stuff.
Drums n offbeat (guitar or piano or whatever,resampled to get melody from e key sample) from Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol 2
5th Dec 2013 07:08 - 10 years ago
Description : Created a track for german tv show "spacenight". Because of copyright issues (thx GEMA), the show was stopped and is now reproduced with communitymusic. Chilled track with lots of atmosphere and rly wobbly deep subbass. Lay down, close eyes and enjoy... leave a comment :) thx
3rd Dec 2013 08:43 - 10 years ago
Description : Remix of Nate Monoxides Vocals:
Focussed on Voacalmix. Did around 4-5 hours on production (i m not that patient :))
Call it rap, dubstep, rapstep - dubrap - whatever you want: 120 BPM
Comments appreciated - enjoy...
Looking for production advices - maybe colab in gettin better sound (though it's the first time i like my mix, but i think theres room 4 more :))
2nd Dec 2013 07:59 - 10 years ago
Description : Remix of Cion Daddy's "Gentes envidiosas": . Slow Dupstep, little sphere - more focus on vocals & cuts. used the effected version of the vocals - would have been easier if i had the clean ones ....
Did a impro Remix with my Live/APC40 within a few hours. Used 6 Synthinstance with own programmed sounds & my Electribe. Could be worked more, but i like the raw impro style... reworked just 1-2 hours on sound and cleaned out a little....
Tracks (16)