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Description : Hip Hop track I created feat. rapper Benito Layton. Yes, that's also me singing the hook.

Description : A "Moby-like" hip hop instrumental. Hope you like it! Would love feedback! :) Credit to Xray731, 40a, danke, and alimpdanger for their loops! Thanks do great work!

Tags : | Ambient | 3.30 MB

Description : My own version of the classic Christmas carol, "Silent Night". I'm singing on the track, and I used loops from Minor2Go. Thanks man!

Description : A hip hop instrumental with hook about being left alone and wondering where your love has gone.

Description : An electronic dance sounding hip hop track. Credit to Minor2go for the string loop. Your stuff is awesome man!!! :) If you want to rap on this, hit me up and send me a sample of your stuff! ;)

Description : A friend of mine had a family member on life support, and the difficulty of that situation inspired this music. I took all loops from looperman to compile this, so all credit for original content goes out to those who created it. I just selected the loops, mixed, compiled, and produced it. Hope you like it! No lyrics yet. If you can come up with lyrics or a rap to this, let me know! Maybe we can lay them down together and make something happen with this!

Tags : | House | 4.75 MB | Colab Request

Description : pop/house track featuring a synth loop from cellofficial and an acapella from Sehya. (thanks loopers!) Hope you like it!

Description : Hip Hop track I created with a hook that I sang. 90bpm. Needs a rapper, so if you wanna rap on this, let me know! We'll record it! :) Shout out to ebcott3 for the orchestral loop. :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.05 MB

Description : A cover composition I did of the song "Wonderwall" by the band Oasis. Credit goes out to cellofficial for the piano loops. :) Hope you like it!

Description : A hip hop club sounding instrumental track with hook. Needs a rapper. If interested hit me up!!! :)

Description : Took a rap acapella by iSH, and made a hip hop track to his rap. Here are his social links:
Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:
Also credit to loopers onevizun, and lankframpard for their loops! Great work guys! Hope you enjoy the track! :)

Description : A hip hop instrumental with female singer hook (I sang it). Would love to collaborate with a rapper on this!!! HMU!!! Credit to gmbeatz82 and minor2go for their loops. Nice job guys! :)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.17 MB

Description : I took a rap acapella from Steel City Red and spliced and cut it and created this hip hop track to go with it. Credit to lankframpard for his loop. Great loop man! :)

Description : Hip hop instrumental in Gmin, 128bpm. Credit to lankframpard, and rileymichael for their loops. Nice work guys! :)

Description : Instrumental hip hop track. Hoping to collab with a rapper on this. If you're interested, please HMU!!! Credit to 40a for his loop. (Love your stuff man!)

Description : Hip hop instrumental. 86bpm, key of Bm. Would love to collab with a rapper on this. If any rapper is interested, HMU! Credit to LankFrampard and Minor2go for their loops.

Description : I took Farisha's acapella "Military Zone" and created music to go with it. She's only singing the chorus, so it needs collaboration for a rap and lyrics. If you wanna lay something down with it, hit me up and we can try to make something happen with this! Please credit me as a producer, and I'd love to hear anything you make with this!

Description : An instrumental hip hop track w/ hook that I created about someone who won't be fooled by the lies of a cheating partner. They believe what they see with their own eyes. Needs a rapper, so hit me up if you'd like to rap on this and we'll put something together! :)
Credit out to ozzi for the piano loop. You do great loops man! :)

Description : Hip hop instrumental beat with female vocal hook that I sang. Free for download.

Description : Hip hop/club dance track. Thanks to danke, glenntherehbel, kaynine, and tywayne for their great loops! :)

Tags : | Pop | 3.97 MB

Description : An ambient hip hop pop track. Unique to other tracks I've made. Hope you like it! :)

Description : I got this idea of a record spinning, scratching; of a haunting song that grips, and this is what I came up with. Several looperman loops used, and my props to those who created them. (Can't remember who thoughsorry!) :( The song needs lyrics. If you have a rap to go with it, hit me up, and we can try to lay down something for this! If you use this, please credit me as the writer & producer. Thanks & enjoy!

Description : Totally mechanicalrobotic sounding. An "robocop"-type idea of a human machine. This one was compared to sounding like some of RZA's stuff. No lyrics. If you come up with a rap to it, hit me up and we can lay down something and try to make it happen with this!!! :) As always, please credit me as the writer and producer in anything you make with this for the music. Thanks!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.30 MB

Description : Entered a remix competition. Here's the original track:
With You (Original Mix) by It Is I (Zeb Lego):
Was allowed to switch to any genre, so I switched it to hip-hop.

Tags : | House | 3.69 MB

Description : A remix of the original track "CG5 Official Music I Don't Despise (ft. Sarah Stewart)". Original track can be found at

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