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Description : Super chaotic glitched out beat that I'm sure could easily endure more glitching. Used DBlue Glitch

Description : If you want to be JAUZ, then download this loop. Also, a little reverb and a lot of sidechain won't hurt, either.

Description : Trap-like beat inspired by the genius work of Um..., a duo you should look into

Description : A full, yet hollow sound that's great with some reverb on it. Probably sounds cool chopped up, too. Designed with some inspiration from Burial and Here it Comes

Description : Modified version of a beat I made for another track. Took out some of the not-so-percussive effects and removed some reverb for loopability.

Description : A darker, almost IDM Beat with some glitches going on. I took some other beats I'd made earlier and ran them through a dBlue Glitcher and chopped that up. Next I ran it through a Dub Turbo Samploid 2 for some more effects and sequencing.

Description : Sort of mystical yet dirty sound. Made me think of evil mushroom men or gnomes. Prolly cool with some sidechain

Description : Probably not the most mainstream sound, but could be useful for a higher register in darker dubstep. Made by toying around with massive like any other sound.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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