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Description : The beat is simple, a very light hi hat. I think it goes best with the cello and choir I put in the other versions, but I did have plans for a bass line. Maybe another time.

Description : Simple beat, favorite cello. Easy beat for a more emotional track. Show me your work if you use my stuff.

Description : Oddly I went from wanting to make a new track, to wanting to do a rap song. Remember how terrible I am at rap, I decided to take the beat I had formed and make loops for the Looper instead. This version has cello and a choir to it.

Description : Again, self-explanatory. It's the "stabs" from Low Situations. If you like it let me know, use it and I want to hear it.

Description : The name is self-explanatory, and is taken from my loop Low Situations.

Description : I originally made this as a rap beat, as I just love making beats. But when put with "Low Situations" the loop, it meshes well and could be used wonderfully together. If you like it let me know, if you use it I want to hear it.

Description : Simple loop, goes tight with the drum beat I made before I set to make a loop to it. Hope you guys enjoy it, and its name is derived from some lyrics I was writing out earlier. If you use it, let me hear it.

Description : Just something I goofed off with. I wanted to get another loop up, so I went to work and produced this simple noise. Reminds me of listening to Postal Service back in the day, so I named it as such. How you use it is up to you, just let me hear it.

Description : A simple sub bass loop to set the mood in an upbeat hip hop track. Kinda bright for a hip hop bass loop, lyrics may have to reflect something brighter in terms of subject matter. Use it, abuse it, let me hear it.

Description : It's a simple four bar loop just to maybe add some flavor during a hook. Not exactly fire, but it's not exactly ice. If you use it and like it, let me know and let me hear it. I preciate it.

Description : A simple as can possibly be bass loop at a slower tempo. It'll serve its purposes if you had some flare over it and have a nice kick drum going with some sweet tasting hi hat licks. If you use it, I wanna hear it.

Description : Last in the series, made using Hammerhead. It has a more distinct hi hat pattern, along with a double kick with the sub for a nice pop.

Description : Made in Hammerhead, this is the second of the sub the bass series. Same as the first one, but with a hi hat added in for flavor.

Description : Made in Hammerhead, it's one of three sub kick loops. Strong kick, that's for sure. Gotta love that sub bass feel.

Description : Same thing, easy to flow over and keeping it simple. Both beats were made using Hammerhead.

Description : Just a simple beat to flow over, should be pretty easy to use.

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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