Carpe noctem
  • From : Haddonfield IL, United States
  • Joined : Thu 11th Feb 2010, 9 years ago

About Me

I'm a musically diverse, horror loving, whiskey and rum loving multi-instrumentalist.

Instruments I play

I've been a guitarist since fifteen, but became the bassist in one of my bands in 2006. I also play keys with less than amateur skill. Like Flake of Rammstein says, "I can't play modern music."

Software I Use

Still using Mixcraft 5, but I've picked up a great soft synth along the way and I'm still buying expansions for it. It's definitely my go to tool now.

Hardware I Use

Old M-Audio Fast Track, M-Audio basic MIDI keyboard, AKG microphone.

Listening To Right Now

A lot of Motorhead lately, but now that I'm returning seriously to getting Einvolk going for myself after my recent brushing with death. I might return to having heavy Blutengel, VNV Nation and other acts on rotation.

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

People, places, things, horror movies, fellow artists, artwork. From punk to future pop, folk to black metal.

My Music Sounds Like

D.I.Y. grassroots, bedroom produced punk, worthless white noise, "cyberpunk" styled electronica (meaning lo-fi and low quality), Nox Arcana styled atmospheric works. You name it, I've probably done it.

In My Other Life I ...

Presently an employee for a telecommunications company. Basically, I bring to you the internet and your cable and phone services.