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Description : this is my last loop "3t Golden Sunsets" but with 2x speed grossbeat on it, enjoy :)

Description : Chill loop using a Rhodes and the slow triplet grossbeat preset. A pinch of some room reverb, a bit crusher, a compressor, and some eq. Im going to have a lil competition since I'm also making a beat out of this so post what you made Winner gets nothing but bragging rights :D May the best producer win.

Description : Cute lil melody in F major using a rhodes in FL Studio. I set the notes to play super soft then boosted the audio and added my usual reverb and pitch warp along with some EQ. Enjoy :)

Description : Hello, lots of post processing here. Jazzy chords in d minor using 3x Osc as the pad. For the pad I used a filter, some chorus, a tremolo effect, EQ, Some reverb, a vibrato, and an extra EQ. Enjoy and post what you made in the comments :)

Description : Um Idk. I used beepmap which essentially turns picture into sound and got this sound using the harmonics feature and the "blue" function which is all the blips in the background. I then used vallhalla supermassive for reverb and a fast vibrato. Enjoy! :D

Description : Music Theory up the a$s in this one; Jazzy chords in Eb/D# major in a nice rhythm. I first used a compressor, some reverb, EQ, and a stereo enhancer

Description : I don't even know what I did here. Spooky melody in C Maj. using the Tape Orchestra: Brass Hollow preset from Labs by Spitfire Audio, I then tuned it down 12 semitones, added reverb, an EQ, a slight vibrato, a compressor, a phaser, some distortion, and some gain boost. Hope ya like it and some criticism would be appreciated :)

Description : Jazzy lil' melody in Eb/D# major using the Electric Piano preset in Labs by Spitfire Audio. I first used an EQ to boost some of the higher frequencies, then iZotope Vinyl, for the vinyl noise, followed by Distructor for some BitCrush, then a vibrato for some pitch warp, and finally another EQ to cut the Lows and some of the high frequencies. I'd love to hear what you make with this so please feel free to post what you made in the comments, thanks!

Description : This is a second, more calming melody to You Make Me So Happy, see the first one to know what I did to achieve this sound

Description : *Inspired by a certain someone in my life* - Jazzy Chords in G major using the Rhodes Preset in FL Keys. I first added an EQ, than a Vibrato for a subtle pitch warp, then a drop of reverb, some more EQ, a stereo widener, and a gain boost. Hope you enjoy!

Description : Jazzy Chords in Fmaj using the MK1 Soft Vintage Rhodes in Velvet. I used a 12+ gain boost with a limiter to get a compressed sound, a Vibrato, a Stereo Enhancer, and some Eq. Hope You enjoy!

Description : A loop I made a long time ago. I hope you guys can do it justice.

Description : Drum beat I made with a triple layered snare, a tape perc, two sets of hi hats, and an EQ'd Kick

Description : Jazzy Chords using a grand piano with a bandpass EQ, Valhalla Super Massive for reverb, iZotope Vinyl for the pitch warp, a limiter, and a noise gate. I also made a song with this for once on my soundcloud

Description : Emotional chords in Cmaj drenched in reverb. I used a piano preset from Labs by SpitFire Audio, and used the Valhalla Super Massive plugin for reverb and some EQ. Lemme hear what you made in the comments.

Description : Chords made using a 3x Osc in FL. I used iZotope Vinyl for a slight pitch warp and some EQ.

Description : Trying something different:) Mysterious melody using a guitar synth with delay, chorus, IVGI2 as distortion, and some reverb. lemme know what you made in the comments!

Description : Jazzy chords in C# major using a piano preset from LABS by Spitfire audio. I originally had a slow piano melody loop with reverb and chorus, but then I added the 2X speed preset from Gross Beat, I like this version better. Lemme hear what you made in the comments!

Description : Nice jazzy chords to hit you right in the feels using a Rhodes Preset from Labs by Spitfire Audio. I didn't really do anything to it other than raising the mid frequencies a bit. Lemme hear what you made in the comments.

Description : Nice melody using a synth from FLEX called Purple Lullaby. I mainly used Lo-Fizer for the pitch warp, but not much else. This is different from what I usually post so criticism is welcome.

Description : This is Warped Lullaby without the distortion and pitch warp, just sounded too good not to post and I know some people don't like pitch warp and distortion as much as I do

Description : Jazzy Chords in C major using a Rhodes synth from LABS by Spitfire Audio. I used a plugin called Lo-Fizer for the pitch warp, the distortion and the little bit of hiss in the background. I also used a reverb, some chorus, and a limiter. Lemme know what you made in the comments!

Description : Jazzy chords in Eb/D# major using a Chorus Rhodes from Labs by Spitfire Audio. I used iZotope Vinyl for a subtle pitch warp and some EQ. This would sound great as pad in the background with a washed out reverb and/or some tube distortion, Lemme know what you made in the comments.

Description : Jazzy chord progression in D major bebop using a Rhodes from Labs Spitfire Audio. I used iZotope Vinyl for the pitch warp and IVGI2 for a little bit of Distortion as well as a pinch of reverb and some bit crush.

Description : Made this loop using a rhodes synth from LABS Audio, mainly using reverb and chorus to get this sound.

Loops 1 - 25 of 25