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Description : This is a fun sound. It uses Serum. There is a macro attached to the LFO rates. The main talking sound is created by moving a low shelf on the EQ and adding a small amount of Sin. Folding.

There is also a type of "digital" sound that attaches with it in a similar timing, this was done with the second OSC, which is also FM modulating the first OSC.

The sub bass is run through a moving High 24 filter with the oscs, so it is muted a bit. Because of that, this is more of a main melody synth than a "bass wobble", I'd recommend adding an 808 or something for the low end.

This sample is at 128bpm, in the key of mainly A#.

Description : This melody was originally used by Korn in the track 'Falling Away', and was also used by Slaughterhouse in the track 'Hammer Dance'. The version I made uses the same melody and was created through the use of Serum and resampling the Serum patches (but does not sample the original works).

Description : Feel free to half-time this to 120. This is a fairly hard hitting and rapid breaks loop. Also let me know if you want similar loops in the future.

Description : I've heard similar sounds used by heRobust. This sample starts with it shorter and then goes longer and longer until it gets the full drill sound so that you can chop it up and use it whatever kind of way.

Description : This is heavily distorted. Small melody progression, very evil sounding. There are also small bits of much higher pitched, faster wobbling of the same noise.

Description : Sounds like some kind of robot moving around.

Description : My first loop ever uploaded. This was made with Serum and then samples and arranged by the different parts.

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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