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Description : Nice deep bass sound.

Description : A good synth preset I came up with the other day. Havent made anything out of it yet, but thought it might be good for anyone who can cut it up and use it.

Description : Sliding Monster Bass.

Description : A fun little glided synth.

Description : Silly bassline from a very short song that I made a while back. Its quite fun, but i didnt get anywhere with it.

Description : A very messy dirty grindy organ, if anyone does anything with this, let me know!! I've wanted to use it for a long time but its just so grimey i've not been able to place it anywhere that sounds good.

Description : As used in my song grunt, an excerpt of the bass line pretty much copied straight from the song.

Description : Nice little loop, nothing special.

Description : A very low dark bassline to the tempo of 140 bpm. Experiment with some distortion on it and see what happens :)

Description : The same bassline I used in 'Bosch' and 'My Dingaling'. I like it, its quite gritty. Again, experiment with some distortion and see what happens.

Description : This is the same bassline used in my song 'Alo Darlin'. Use some different types of distortion on it to really bring it out.

Description : Hard hitting dubstep loop with lots of, er, clout.

Description : Easy going dubstep drum loop with reverb and goodness knows what else.

Description : Dubstep drum loop with Rides and HH.

Description : Offbeat drum loop at 140 BPM.

Description : Aggressive dubstep loop.

Description : Traditional Dub beat with Rides and High Hats.

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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