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Description : doing a miniseries of 4 riddim drum loops

Description : just a quick riddim beat i'm using in one of my tracks. next post will be a collection of a bunch of drum hits and a strange riddim bass!

Description : part of the burial pack

Description : part of the burial package

Description : just a little package of burial style loops here

Description : drums in the style of Burial (Trollphace remix)
comment a link if u use it :D

Description : request a loop in the comments and i will choose 1 (or 2 if im feeling generous) request. This is a drum loop i made with my secret snare recipe

Description : Check out my page for more quality dubstep samples!
Post a link if you use this!

Description : Just a nice Kick N Snare

Description : SIDECHAINED FOR A BETTER SOUND! Requested by SikNoiz to make it smoother, so i did :)

Description : Just a type of drop you would hear in nowadays UKF Dubstep or DubstepGutter. Sidechain and Bass Boost for a better sound!

Description : Made to be used in the intro but you could always use it in a drop. Comment a link if you made a song containing this, i would love to hear your creations!

Description : Made with the classic ImNawtARappah kick hit and a brand new snare that i made. Post a link if you use this sample.

Description : Took me about 30 mins to make. This loop is very flexible so you can use it in lots of other genres too. I might upload a drop next...

Description : Kick + Snare + Ride = Perfection.

Description : Wanna sound like the top dubstep producers? Well now's your chance to do this with this sick Dubstep Bass Growl! This loop has been made in Massive + drowned in FX to make it sound way more 'bassy'!
This kind of growl is used by the top producers like Skrillex and Datsik! Not only can this be used for dubstep, it can be used for other genres like DnB, drumstep and many more!

Description : just a simple kick + snare loop for your dubstep songs. EQ'd it to make it sound better and gave it a bass boost.

Loops (17)