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Description : Looking for future collabs! working with anyone who has the passion

Description : Looking for someone who can throw a short hook in there, Its a little slow but let me know what you think

Also looking for someone who can mix vox as I clearly suck at it

Description : Hey guys, just recorded this chill/hip hop track with a beat I made using some loops on here. Looking for someone who wants to get on the last verse and the short hook as well.

I apologize for the bad mix, its still a pretty rough draft and I'm looking for people who are able to mix and master who can help out.

Thanks, and hope you like it. Hit me up if you want to get on the track



Description : song I recently recorded over a beat I made a while back using some loops from looperman. Let me know what you think.

I'm looking for producers and rappers to collab with so if you like my sound then hit me up


Sam French

Description : Just a sick track I came up with a couple years ago and just sharing it on here to see if anyone wants to go on it.

Cant take the beat tag off cause i lost the original on my old computer but its still gold

Let me know and ill send you the download link.

Only serious inquires please


Description : Just an old track I found that I never posted so here it is. Comments,critism are appreciated.

Happy Christmas!

Sam French

Description : Track I made a little while ago with my buddy illPlant. Check it out, I'm looking to do more collabs with producers so let me know.


Description : A beat I made a while back. Looking for a dedicated rapper/singer who wants to go over this. I will do all the editing and mixing if you'd like.

Hit me up

or contact me through my page

Description : Track I made a couple years ago. I'm looking to start working with other artists as a vocalist/producer. So if you like what you hear, hit me up

Description : Track I made a couple years ago. I'm looking to start working with other artists as a vocalist/producer. So if you like what you hear, hit me up

Description : Just a quick track I threw together with loops from COD2pac.

Smoke that herb and fall asleep

Get at me if you can murder this

Description : Screamo, Heavies, Take a peak at this. Get at me for collabs

Thnx to Ozone & Sinthetic Records for the loops.


Description : new shit, this new hiphop.

check it out here, message me for collabs. Always down to throw a verse out here and there.

Description : Untitled beat I put together awhile ago. Wanna see what you can do with it. Pce


Description :

need more rappers on this, hit me up if you wanna collab

Tags : | Electronic | 3.21 MB

Description : Just a quick track I made. Chill out with this one.

Description : Produced by Sam French

Sounds like the intro to Trailer Park Boys. Enjoi

Description : Its Monday, grab a wake and bake and listen in. Short little freestyle.

-String loop from 40A

Description : Haven't uploaded to Loop in awhile so I thought I'd hit yall with this new track. Lovin all feedback!

Thanks guys,

Sam French

Description : Need someone on the last verse. This is chill looperman show me what you got!

Send me your shit



Description : New song. If you enjoi chill rap...Hit this one up.

Grab a follow.

One Love,

Sam French

Description : Shit piss song I came up with, JusRawh. Looking for someone for the last 16 bars...give me a comment if you can handle it... SWAG

Description : Beat produced by Yung Tones. Just a little something. Looking for a rapper/singer for the hook!

Tags : | Rap | 4.25 MB | Adult Content

Description : SubFreQuinox-Insurrection(ft.Sam French)[prod. by tunnA Beatz]

Description : Me and sub killed this shit, enjoy and hit us up for collabs

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