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Description : AAAAA

Description : Riddim And Heavy Dubstep. One of my greatest projects. Get ready to headbang. 4 monsters/accapellas in this song.

Description : This is a riddim song, but I named it the tomb because the tomb that Jesus came out of 3 days after.

Description : This is officially my best song ever made! But fr it is. I tried going for a bass house and dubstep type. And it worked. Please tell me your s in the comments!

Description : Please dont mention the beginning part I know. I tried making an edmish electro house beat. I made this by myself so pls tell me what you think!


Description : Fun little song to party too! Collab with my friend hitstone. But im really looking for someone to collab with me so add me in discord @ DJ Intelligent#2693 kinda like hybrid trap or EDM

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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