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Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.24 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A song I made that reminds me of tron racing.

Tags : | Trap | 3.26 MB

Description : SO HYPE! Please check out my soundcloud, I'm trying to grow it!

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.43 MB

Description : This track is included on a Tron inspired compilation album. The soundtrack sound of the track is not meant to be like Tron or Tron Legacy, but a mixture of both. Get into the grid and enjoy.

Description : this is my take on a song that could've been on the TRON soundtrack but I mostly got inspired by the animated one TRON UPRISING! which I loved to watch!

Tags : | Trance | 9.68 MB

Description : Started out as a warm-up mix after being offline for over a month due to technical issues.. Not my absolute best, but not my absolute worst either.. :)

Enjoy the download! ;)

*Original theme song by Daft Punk, look them up! Their mix was pretty sweet! :)

Tags : | Rap | 5.14 MB | Colab Request

Description : MADE IN 10 MIN... ALL FL STUDIO.

Tags : | House | 1.51 MB

Description : Kind of a dark/night club type of tune. Low bass sweeps and a Daft Punk style Tron mood to go with it. I made it to use in a film my cousin and I will be making, but I'm feeling generous so i thought id share it with all of you. Its nothing special, but I love making this type of music with this sort of mood. Let me know what you think, feel free to comment and download if you enjoyed.

Description : This song was at first TRON inspired for an inner circle fun contest....originally instrumental....but Stephanie's notes and lyrics fit so well. :)

Supposed to sound Daft Punk - ish.....might have missed it....but, perhaps this could be used in a make believe TRON sequel during the end credits. Pfhhhh....I dunno.

What do you think?

Here are some Looperman loops, pellas, etc. featured in this arrangement:

noahmartin - simple lead
dj4real - syth ana ensemble, synth voyage home
ferryterry - arpeggio spacey guitar, bass
alen9r - dance time crash snare fill
ekkotheamatuer - robotorn drums
mingote - beneath drum loop
mariahdawn - time backup pellas
ggarris - back up pellas
kristijann - trap beatz
megapaul - trauserman guitar loop
3n0 - inna pluck
icesiberia - chopped tuned vocals

I think I got you all....hope you like anyway. :)

To follow my work on SoundCloud:

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.79 MB

Description : Original Composition featuring Daft Punk's Son Of Flynn Sample

Tags : | Punk | 4.15 MB

Description : my trying to sound like Geordie Walkers mu-tron pedal flanger by moving the controls on the electric mistress while playing

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.89 MB

Description : my attempt at a cinematic piece. has some electronic elements because it was inspired by the daft punk song solar sailer from the tron soundtrack. it turned out way longer than i want it. the full version is about 14 minutes so i cut it short and lowered the quality to fit on looperman. please leave critical reviews of what i have so far. thanks. 70bpm

Tags : | Electronic | 3.24 MB

Description : i loved the tron legacy soundtrack by daft punk so it decided to make a really electronic sounding track. i didnt use any loops on this track, just ableton and the analog player synth. i hope u like it. comment and tell me what u think

Tags : | Electro | 6.06 MB

Description : Hard tell what film inspired me to make this track, isn't it? ;D

I really love Daft Punk's soundtrack to Tron Legacy and the remixed version of that album (Tron Legacy: Reconfigured)... Holy cow! =D

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.01 MB | Featured

Description : It kind of reminds me of the new tron legacy film. thanks to everyones samples i used, loved it!!!

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.66 MB

Description : this track is nuffin like the first one i just used the cybetron sample again this is loads better thought check it out............

Tags : | Electronic | 4.95 MB

Description : I went to see Tron Legacy a few months back and the it inspired me. I loved the music by Daft Punk and decided to try doing a little electronica/house/trance fused together. It came out pretty well. I also want a bike now lol.

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.72 MB

Description : this is a propper dirty track , i tried to make it sound like the movement of a robot .i sampled clips from other dubstep tracks and totaly recomposed them ..............:)+

Tags : | Fusion | 3.70 MB

Description : Greets again. This was somethin I did about a month ago for a project in my Basic Speaking/Listening class. Pertaining to my Informative speech topic- Digital Audio Workstations & Productions. Since my time was limited the teacher suggested that I make a 30 second song for the class (I shot a lil past that making it 46 seconds)...-...-... I'm putting this one in Fusion, because I tried creating a song that everyone in the class would enjoy (blending orchestral/cinematic strings at the intro/outro with breakish electro beats, ambient bass, progressive guitars, and digitized vocals by yours truly- that I'll prolly add to my loops here later).
UPDATE- I've gone and reworked this piece, extending it out to just over 4 minutes. This is like a love letter to my favorite movie of all time, Tron. As well as a nod to the new film coming out Friday... Who else is going to see it? All of the vocals are me (with various effects thrown on). I may go n tweek this mix later, dunno. At the mo' I'm gonna go with this vers just to see what others think of it. Alright, well I'm headin off now. Enjoy!

Tags : | Techno | 6.14 MB

Description : Edgey soundtrack for my Sci-Fi scene (this is in no ways to advertise nor affiliate with the Tron movie coming out)

Tags : | Deep House | 6.60 MB

Description : Here's a progressive deep house tune in honor of the upcoming Tron Legacy flick. I took my time unveiling various sounds and segments to what I think is a pretty solid track. This has a cinematic intro so don't think there's a volume glitch.

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