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Tags : | Grime | 5.76 MB | Featured
Description : Just made this randomly,i actually wrote so many bars to this beat,bar fuel gang.140bpm..not even tried to mix cos i have no equipment set up..just i phone earphones lol..but i like the flow of this beat still..thanks for listening,bless up..
Description : Trap Gang Gang, Fuck it up boisss
Tags : | Chill Out | 11.28 MB
Description : Hey gang, I lost my project to this track due to my PC crashing. I rendered this to mp3 for a playback, to see if I needed to make any changes during my mix. Fortunately, I saved it to my external hard drive. There are a few things I could have done differently in the mix, but it is what it is. That said, I think I did a fair job polishing this mix as best as I could. Have at it, and feel free to download and comment if you wish.
Tags : | Trap | 2.54 MB | Colab Request
Description : Creds to Thebestaroundism. If you want to hop on this beat, just send me an email at , I'll try to respond quick. Hope you enjoy, and feed back is appreciated :)
Description : Just something I made with a lost in the desert kind of feel, looking for a fresh artist to collab with for now and the future, I don't care if it's rap, singing, screaming, I can work with anything, but I am also looking for someone quite particular, someone artistic and creative, e.g. no rappers rapping about gang banging, no singers singing about how awesome it is to be Friday, I'm looking for someone a little edgy, male or female
Tags : | Dance | 8.76 MB | Featured
Description : Hi gang, I am happy to share my first upload with this awesome community. This is not my song, rather, it is my mix and master take on Melodic Dreamer's The Aftermath for his mix and master contest I am not by far a professional sound engineer, but the important thing to me is learning new techniques and have lots of fun doing it. Unfortunatley, I did not used monitors, so I had to do my best going of a spectrum analyzer. I'll be buying monitors soon to make my mix and master much more efficient. I've used some really good free vst that sound amazing. So, please be easy on me when casting stones at me XD. Thank you Melodic Dreamer for allowing me to mix and share your song. Enjoy XD GMD
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.02 MB
Description : Ok my funkadelic children, So here's another track i finished yesterday. It's Funky, Its Loud, and its kinda Rowdy. Make sure you strap down your speakers once again...this one is crazy you wanna download? just leave a comment, if you dont like it leave a comment too :] Peace Dj Swindla aka Mike
Description : Hoping to find someone to lay down some vocals. Probably not the typical genre that one might be used to. Male, female or both. Female-maybe a Sade style sultry jazz voice. Male-old Kool and the Gang (Fresh), Commodores (Brickhouse), Dazz Band (Whip It). Not really putting limitations on things though. Song is just the rough basics. I plan on adding a guitar lead and other synths based on the vocal. Nothing is set in stone, so I can arrange the song to suit what you have in mind. The guitar and bass are live, 80s synths are from scratch, drums a combo of keyboard and filling in the midi blocks :) If you are interested, email me at with "Vocal Collab:your user name" in the subject and leave a comment on here because I am terrible at checking my email. Big thanks in advance!
Tags : | Rap | 3.30 MB | Colab Request
Description : This is YG, DJ Mustard type of track, hope u enjoy and thanks for the listen Rigga
Tags : | Fusion | 3.08 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : UPDATED 25/05/16 LIFTED VOCALS...Hi Gang back after 9 months away from the site, thanks to Spivkurl for me being back on the loop again, he asked me to do a remix of one of his tracks so here I am...Which has relit the flame to create again, so many thanks to you my friend... This a remix of Spiv's I Fall Down, I have add a trance element through this remix, even though not tech a trance piece, so have put under fusion genre...Strong kick beat, house beat and some drum lines, with nice basslines...Hope you enjoy this one, did a couple of versions, this is the one Spiv liked so here it is...Please comment/review, but most of all enjoy...Please check out Spivkurls version if you havent yet... ...Peace Mosaic...
Description : My ode to the classic track Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang. Easy chill laid back track
Description : StackzBoiWonder ft. Chill Gang Fresh, Hugga G & Diggavel the Don
Description : Some Old shit
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.20 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : "Hood stories never have happy endings" shows the flip side of the flossing & gang posturing that goes on in the urban streets of America. Via the art of hip hop poetry/spoken word, Kamal Supreme illustrates and drops knowledge about the streets. Hot beat
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.61 MB
Description : Kaptan H. Davran
Tags : | Pop | 2.73 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My first collaboration...A laid back type of piece... Second POP track for this year gang, A VERY SPECIAL piece... A collaboration with 2 of my very fav artist and friends here on Looperman, Shortbusmusic and Spivkurl... Had track nearly done but was missing what I wanted to finish the track and keep feel I wanted for the piece, so contacted the 2 talented guys mention above, A nice guitar vocal based track, easy listening with a touch of toe tapping lol... BIG shout out to Barry for the guitar he did for the track, BIG shout out to Pat for the bass line and arpeggio he did for the track, both guys made each part especially for the track, MASSIVE thank you guys, Mix and mastering was done by myself, drum beat used is from Alen9r profile... Hope you enjoyed this one, please comment/review and the fav will be returned... Please enjoy my first collaboration with 2 of the most talented guys here on Looperman... Peace Love Respect... Mosaic...
Description : Hey Gang A ambient type of DnB track, one to make you think, Second attempt at the DnB genre for this year, again apologise to Drum and Bass artist, guessing again not your normal DnB, but this is what I wanted to do, in doing this piece wanted a thought provoking track, used flute Rhodes Piano, and a few other bits to hopefully get the feeling for the piece I wanted, along with a few break beats/bass lines and FX etc... Vocals are by Nightingale from here on the loop... Please comment/review and the favour will be returned... Hopefully you enjoy and get the feeling that I wanted to come across doing this one... Peace Love Respect... Mosaic... NEXT: Genre's coming over next few weeks POP: What I Am Missing...A collab with 2 of my fav members here on the loop... HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE: Am I Dreaming Then back to Trance for a little while maybe... Peace Mos
Tags : | Pop | 2.96 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : OK finally finished, 20/05/2014....ok from OZZI and SHORTBUSMUSIC Reviews...Those reviews are for the new version of the track....Previous reviews are for the older version...vocals all lined up correctly, removed the vocals that where loaded with excess FX, add vocals with less FX,MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to Bear better known here as SHORTBUSMUSIC for giving me a fresh set of ears to bounce thoughts of track with him via email, he is one in a million...Heartfelt thank you Bear...SO NOW ENJOY THE LISTEN GANG...Mosaic... A nice POP track,stepping out of comfort zone with this one as like with ROCK track uploaded before this one, again has vocals...Mainly a piano background along with the beat/bass and vocal...A simple track is what I was after with vocals as the main feature...Hope you guys enjoy the listen of another different genre then what I normally do...Please comment/review and the favour will be returned...Please enjoy...Peace Love Respect Mosaic... Pop/rock beat loop used is by Alen9r... Bass is from Herk13 profile... Rest used are from my library...
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.06 MB
Description : **Fixed the high powered snare.** More Loopers | Appropriately named by the word sung by my man Dwayzo. Shouts to: Kandago - Strings100 | MorpheusD - Sad Guitar and Pop Piano 80 | KBProd - Rough Drums | and Dwayzo for the lyrics. Thanks Gang! Enjoy!
Tags : | Dance | 3.71 MB
Description : Here’s a little jig with some unique sounds from fellow loopers… Enjoy! Contributing Loopers: centrist kbb0 loopfreak rewinding xelaplus Thanks Gang!! This was fun. Let me know what y'all think! - Memphis
Description : gangsters from hell is my new side project.. i'm still working on a template to compose metal.. completely digital.. no gituars/bass/drums, just VST's. though i'm far from finished. i find it entertaining to use free vocal samples (to my personal liking) and use them with my template. silk roads is my first but i'm pretty sure it won't be the last so i'll make a compilation of it under the name gang$tazfromhell. (tips and pointers in metal production/mixing/vst's are always welcome ofcourse:)
Description : samples from looper man and shit featuring Andy rapping.
Tags : | Jazz | 8.49 MB
Description : Well I thought I would get festive and do a Christmas Track. When I was a kid, Charlie Brown , Snoopy and the Gang was always a favorite of mine. This is the track is the jazz song that aired on the special (with a few fun twists of course!). I just played guitar and a little bit of keys, the rest was a free backing track I came across. Comments always welcome. The best of the holiday season to you and yours. Bilbozo
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.86 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : 103' The background behind this one is it was written for the San Andreas Online video game for a gang maybe four years ago when i was still playing it. The track never saw day light. The track and lyrics are kinda sloppy. Just decided to share this because it's kinda funny. Probably my very first "good" work back in the day.
Tags : | Dub | 4.69 MB | Colab Request
Description : low key mellow sparse dub-rock backing track. vocalist required springtime gtr,Zoom Multi fx,Electric mistress, boss gtr synth, fender bassman 150w amp Zoom H4n recorder influenced by 70's eno,Gang of 4, Nick Seymour (Crowded house)& the wessex 77 outtakes on the new sex pistols box set
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