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Description : I'm an English teacher for Spanish speakers and I actually used this in the classroom while the students were doing a 5 or 6 minute writing preparing for a conversation activity.

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Description : The opening movement to a symphonic project I have been working on. Funny thing: My choir vst is okay, but it's just vowel sounds- I can't make it sing lyrics. So, the choral parts at the end are done completely by my own voice. Anyway, hope it is enjoyed.

Description : You are a Colonel in the Confederate Army, in love with a kind, gentle girl from a plantation family steeped in Victorian tradition. Tonight, at the ball, you will declare that love and make your intentions known. Old School Victorian contest entry at Midisparks Art Sales for this project: Please let me know if you would like to compete!

Tags : | Classical | 1.71 MB

Description : Recorded this a while ago.. Raw, lovely.. I'm an electric guitarist so this is unfamiliar territory for me... I always wanted to master classical acoustic and I will one day. Video here *Edit* Despite this being painfully obvious, this is not my composition, it's an effort to learn classical guitar and note the progression for future nostalgia.. This site is making me think I should give the anti-vaxxers some credence. Ffs.

Tags : | Classical | 7.94 MB

Description : instrumental

Tags : | Classical | 8.07 MB

Description : piano + viola

Tags : | Classical | 9.12 MB

Description : piano+viola

Tags : | Classical | 6.42 MB

Description : piano+sea

Tags : | Classical | 4.21 MB

Description : piano + strings

Tags : | Classical | 7.84 MB

Description : piano

Tags : | Classical | 9.50 MB

Description : just listen

Tags : | Classical | 2.81 MB

Description : Thanks for the awesome Sample
william21084, hope all of you enjoy it

Tags : | Classical | 9.33 MB

Description : This song is special, why? Because I made it using just noise. Metal box, water bottle, etc. Let's see if you can recognize it. I hope you enjoy it ;)

Description : I would love to have some help with editing this- ironing out the sound issues, or time issues. Any help will be appreciated.I want to get the best possible string sound without having to buy more expensive string software. I am not a great fundi on mixing and playing with the effects.I prefer to just write the music and have some other expert deal with the technical sound issues. What I am wanting here is a sound that is most like a good orchestral recording. Of course what I REALLY would like is for a REAL orchestra to play it in Carnegie Hall or the equivalent! Or better still some famous movie company to buy the rights to it and I become in instant multimillionaire overnight!!.Oh well I can dream cant I? ha ha!!!

Tags : | Classical | 6.52 MB

Description : just listen

Tags : | Classical | 8.12 MB

Description : just listen

Description : hello again my dear loopers, I am back with my latest project bringing it fresh just for your judgement and enjoyment!

Nexus 2
fl studio
and that's about it few other effects

hope you will love it ;)

Tags : | Classical | 7.36 MB

Description : made with love

Tags : | Classical | 3.19 MB

Description : orchestrated piece, just experimenting with cinematic music. please enjoy

Tags : | Classical | 7.02 MB

Description : Morceau réalisé avec Magix Music Maker, claviers midi Midistart et Yamaha, merci de votre indulgence !
Piece made with Magix Music Maker, and Yamaha keyboards Midistart twelve o'clock, thank you for your indulgence!

Tags : | Classical | 7.78 MB

Description : Old medieval stilysh lullaby singed bye Scriptique, versioned with Magix Musci Maker bye me.

Description : Created using samples from Mr. Campete found here on Looperman.

Tags : | Classical | 9.63 MB

Description : Nicolas CAT - Ballerina ( Original Version )

Description : Just a short Orchestral track I made

Tags : | Classical | 7.70 MB

Description : last beat

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