11th Aug 2019 11:35 -  4 years ago
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Description : My last track in this genre for the moment, i hope you will find it great! i hope too you will share your feeling about it :)
Funk and soul are near of the ska genre so you will find some influences in this track of course :)

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If you have time take a listen and give BLEEP some feedback.

Alien 12th Aug 2019 02:00 -  4 years ago
Salut! :D

Tres rafraichissant, je suis epate. Ce sont des loops ou bien tout est fait main?
Tres impressionant.

BLEEP replied 10th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago
Bonjour Ludo,

Les instrus sont vrais après par contre ils sont bouclés!

Ravi que ce petit son te plaise, j'adore le ska, j'ai longtemps hésité avant de me confronter à ce genre, c'est assez "casse gueule" car il faut que l'esprit ressorte. Le ska etant l'ancetre de bon nombre d'autres genres qui forcément en découlent :)

LunnchBoxx 11th Aug 2019 13:45 -  4 years ago
Never heard of this genre before so this is my first time hearing it. Thanks to sweetcherries i've some sort of information and man this is so chill and relaxing those Jamaican chant is just gorgeous join by raggae flair is just!!! Ahhhh. Anyways continue what your doin Bleep.
BLEEP replied 11th Aug 2019 - 4 years ago
thanks LunnchBoxx for your support ;)

Angelusyeux777SC 11th Aug 2019 12:50 -  4 years ago
WOWWWW!! and WOW! again, well I have heard it all now. BLEEP, you are a genuine and very talented producer of some of the most remarkable music genres. If I'm not mistaken "Ska" originated in Jamaica, in late 50's if I'm not mistaken but in any case I have always been a fan of it and truly, I have heard no one here do it better than you, so thank you, for reviving and bringing it to life here...EXCELLENT!! Work! from beginning to end. Bravo!

BLEEP replied 11th Aug 2019 - 4 years ago
Hello sweety and thanks a lot for your kind words, it's a pleasure to read your feedback :)

Of course, you're right, Ska genre come from jamaica in the 50's. A lot of bands made hits and actually you have a bask band whose name is Ska-p and which is really popular in the bask country, in france and in europe too i think.

kisses from france

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