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Description : A synth loop i created.

Description : something i created just...just raw.

Description : A melody i created i call it the question because it brings so many lyrics to my head about life.

Description : another drum joint i created.

Description : this can go anyway i guess. i made this on fl studio 11.

Description : same loop but with out the effects and free to add your own..

Description : made this on FLSTUDIO 11 enjoy. one more thing there's no need to show me what you do with it i do this for the love of music use whatever i add however you the same time if you just wanna show me then cool but you don't have to you heard..100.


Description : A bass loop i created and added some effects on it nice drumz will sounds nice with the proper notes youll be straight.

Description : drumz i created on fl studio 11

Description : i created playing this on my mpc5000 bangs got that knock.


Description : these drumz are from one of my projects its completed and done just shared a piece of it with yall. enjoy!

Description : some nice drumz i created enjoy!

Description : a loop i created and added effects...enjoy

Description : some drumz i created.

Description : JUST GRITTY AND RAW.

Description : drum break i created.

Description : some background drumz i created it would sit nice in the back ground lowered with some grimmy drumz on top.

Description : Indian percussion loop i created.

Description : created this with some effects this got that creep vibe nice drumz will sit this one proper. i started with G so thats what i put as the root.

Description : just a lil west coast type lead loop i created.

Description : brass loop i created enjoy. i could be wrong on the root key not sure.

Description : created this using my old motif es FLIP IT! be creative this can come out stupid! `or use it for a intro or whateva.

Description : i created this on my mpc5000 i left it with no hi hats that way you can have your own version to it with your own high hats. peace and enjoy.

Loops 76 - 100 of 158
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