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Description : Fat kicks and slippery bass, you know how we do ;)

Description : Most recent project's basic drumline plus a crash, enjoy:)

Description : Here's some drums for now, i've got some more content coming soon for all yall patient folk's:)

Description : Lead 303 on Nexus in FL12. Standard reverb and delay do nicely, but mix and match to get a better result for your track:)

Description : Here's another part, just wipe those filthy tears off :'(

Description : Part American. Part French. Completely sad:(

Description : Enjoy:)

Description : Don't hurt yourself with this...
Feedback is greatly appreciated:)
Not sure what key the bass is in, but notes are F,G, &C.

Description : After last nights fiasco, I HAD to put something out that's better. So I did! Remember to post what yall make!:)

Description : Let me know how this works! Made with this loop in mind

Description : insert generic drum loop joke here...

I love putting these loops on here for all of you to enjoy and make make music with. Thank you:)

Description : Lost someone and it weighs heavy tonight...
Made other parts I can put out if wanted


Description : Chords only

Description : Show me what you do

Description : Add some strings and make their heads spin

Description : Today was wet and muggy...

Description : Here's one from me, enjoy:)

Description : One more drum loop...

Description : Simple drum loop for a new project. Post what you make!

Description : Variation is key

Description : Accompanied with Dark Trap Piano and the drums, Show me what you put together!:)

Description : Goes with the Dark Trap Piano:)

Description : Fits along side Av3's "Lights" & "GodBody" loops. Add reverb and some delay with dark brass and you have one hell of a track:)

Description : $uicideBoy$ Inspired... Check out the project I used it in on my Soundcloud @MisterVibes

Description : Have fun!

Loops 26 - 50 of 78
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