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Description : did this on a shitty guitar vst, kind of proud of myself lmao, enjoy.
key is eminor

Description : tried making a song outta this but it didn't work out lol

if you use this, leave it in the comments so I can check it out!

Description : 100bpm

Description : Also uploaded the sub bass

Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Drake, The Weeknd type melody

used on my beat, link on my bio

Description : Asian sounding pad 92 bpm, dont know the key

Made in sakura

Description : Offset father of 4 type of drums

Description : suicide boys/scarlxord type melody. Repeat the second half of the melody if u want a clean loop, otherwise the sound will "duck"

scale is c aeolian

Description : Used fl keys, processed it, threw it on fruity slicer and mixed it, hope you enjoy.

Scale is D-aeolian

Description : it's a bop

Description : Kinda sounds like something lil skies would use, bpm is 95

Description : Oldschool hip hop drums 92 bpm

Description : The drums weren't coming out right so here it is.

Description : Wondagurl type drums 120bpm, not the best but I tried :')

Description : it's aight

Description : sounds like a sample, metro boomin style chord progression

Chords: C G F / C G# F

Description : My first lofi melody, dont judge me :')

Description : keys are f#, c#

Description : Just something I created with fruity slicer

Description : Click my profile if u wanna hear the beat I used this on

Description : Trap melody made from sakura.

Description : Just an arp with some gross beat on it

Loops 1 - 21 of 21
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