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Description : Drum Loop with a crispy clap sound

Description : Triplet based basses.No sub And could you Please follow me on soundcloud for more support. Search Triple Kill, and one of my songs is called "Change In Time" That's where this loop is from, thanks!

Description : Okay. so I really could use more followers. If you could help me, go to and look for Elision. my pic is three triangles so I'm sure you can find it. Anyway enjoy this loop!

Description : Another loop. Kind of sounds like the way VR has those breakdowns.

Description : Second loop of asmple pack. I made these sounds myself in massive. Enjoy

Description : New loop, that i will be making with lots of others. I think it sounds like VIrtual Riot

Description : New drop! Add pads, drums and a arpeggios , and you've made dubstep! Enjoy.

Description : My first dubstep sample! Let me know in the comments how you use it!

Description : nice pluck. just throw some reverb and delay.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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