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Description : Created with Omnisphere! Hope this is useful. DM me if interested in my premium loop kit.

Description : just some hi hats. Have fun. Let me hear

Description : Started to use it but it didn't work out.. Have fun. Lets hear what you make!

Description : Epic Distorted Bass guitar
Send me your Work of art! I want to hear it!

Description : Ambient Bells backed by a piano and with some effects.. Feel free to share your tracks/soundclouds/etc if you use i like to hear them.

Description : Piano from reason 8 again. Enjoy! Don't forget to let me listen to the finished track

Description : Did this in reason 8. Enjoy! Tag me in your completed track plz. :)

Description : More bells for you. Enjoy. Let me hear those tracks too!! :)

Description : Bells i started to use in a trap beat that went another direction. Hope someones finds good use for this. Don't forget to let me hear your tracks! :)

Description : Did this in reason 8. Hope someone finds good use for it. Plz Let me here your track if you use. :)

Loops 1 - 10 of 10