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Description : Don't worry, I have old school beats for you guys too.

Description : finally, the trap category is rising.... I think

Description : without the 1 2 3 vocals

Description : ......

Description : .......

Description : .....

Description : remix boi

Description : made by the boi1da kit

Description : remember that loop i upload? well now here is the remix

Description : i was fooling around with my new drum kit also remix coming soon...

Description : yea boi

Description : all doe its random, it sounds good...

Description : you know what f*ck it lets just upload

Description : hey guys this is just the drums piano coming out soon

Description : this beat have a 2000s feelin to it so yea enjoy

Description : dayum son its been weeks or probably a month since i upload a beat so enjoy and send me what u did wit the beat

Description : i am only uploading one part of the project each day so tune in tomorrow...

Description : random beat i made again. i havent made a random beat in a while so i said why not? hope u enjoy this dope beat and cya later

Description : the first time i heard this i was like....... oh dang

Description : so u know i was just fooling around on my new kit called mafs drum kit. download is for free and yea

Description : its another random project with the piano and bass mixed together

Description : random project again...

Description : a random beat

Description : wassup guys. sorry i wasnt uploading loops but here is a special one made on maschine

Description : remeber that demo i said coming out in 2 days? well here is the sneak peak of the drums

Loops 1 - 25 of 34
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