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Description : synth pad in F#m B at 90 BPM

Description : D Bm F#m F#m progression.Made with Yamaha mx

Description : Dm C Am G at 90 BPM

Description : 90 BPM drumloop

Description : 90 BPM. Bm G

Description : 90 bpm. Bm G

Description : 100 bpm works in A and Am

Description : 80 BPM in G

Description : G A Yamaha Mx synth 80 BPM

Description : Bm A played through pod go with seeker pedal

Description : Cm Bb F played through pod go with seeker pedal

Description : made with old version of Cakewalk synth. Prog is Bm F#m A Em

Description : chill pad in Dm G

Description : D Em synthpad

Description : 100 BPB. F#m B E F#m

Description : D A G A made with Sigma ac gtr

Description : key is Dm

Description : E od rhythm.Works in E or Em

Description : prog is G F

Description : Em D F#m D chilled guitar

Description : prog is Em F#m Bm F#m

Description : prog is C#m C#m A B C#m

Description : prog is Bm A Bm F#m

Description : chords are Am and D

Description : This one goes along with the fab piano loop called Beautiful Piano by Hr022 88 BPM C#m B A G#-F#m. Made with DSK Strings (free but only 32 bit)

Loops 1 - 25 of 387