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Description : hfddfhhdf

Description : beeps

Description : 8========D~~~~~

Description : PeePeePoPoo?

Description : Some dicks broke into my shed and stole my bong, hookah, grinder and all; Down to the ol' tinfoil rips.

Description : Piano is a five letter word

Description : Noi(c)se
With the slow tripplet gross beat preset it sounds pretty nice too

Description : Haven't been making loops for a bit but will more when I get back to school

Description : re3uy5

Description : Yabadabadoo

Description : It's a slow one
key? can't remembre

Description : Poooo

Description : 121, ample cloudrum

Description : I like the plugin.
Ample Percussion Cloudrum

Description : Flute C3 maybe

Description : I uploaded some flutes too

Description : NO mixing I like the plugin

Description : If you make something link it below I want to listen
I like the plugin.

Description : Happy holidays

Description : Uh oh! Stinky!

Description : ogun is amazing

Description : Sounds pretty ass on half

Description : if anyone wants something comment and ill make it im baked and bored

Description : pppppp

Description : this is some random ogun sound

Loops 1 - 25 of 41
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