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Description : SADNESS

Description : have fun. send me a link to ur beat ;)

Description : just messing around with strings... :D

Description : some violins i made for a beat
maybe boom bap....

Description : kinda sad loop. just messed around with piano ^^
nothin special. BUT let me pls know if u used it ;)

Description : Reupload cause there was smthn wrong with the loop ;)

Description : some Chords with an volume automation. kinda like the vibe.
Let me know if u used it for smthn

Description : idk if its usable but might fit for some dark or aggressive beats..
put some gross beat on it to give it rhythm

Description : i used it ofc for trap metal but i think it can be used for msthn different as well....
check out what i did on my soundcloud :D
And of course show me what you did!!

Description : some drill drums i made for a drill beat :D hope its okay... my first time doin this genre

Description : uhh yea. idk xd if u used it for smthn pls show im really curious what you can make out of that... :D

Description : i used this for a hard trap beat maybe u can use it for smthn different idk i just like the sound of it ;D

Description : some cymbals i made :d use them as u want but let me hear what you did pls

Description : Some Drums i made for an epic Trap metal Teaser.... Maybe u can use it to make a beat or smthn ;)
Pls show what you did :D

Description : fits perfectly to my Freestyle Trap metal Drums, but can be used for any type of beat i guess :D
Surprise me and pls show what u all did ;)

Description : Some hard hitting Trap metal drums i made for a freestyle beat. you can cut out the last part if u want to but i think it gives a really cool switch ;)
Let me know if you did something with it pls!!

Description : Some Bells :D
also posted the intro for that loop ;D
let me know if u used it for smthn !!!

Description : intro bell loop i made for a track ;)
I also did post the bell loop for the verse ;-)

Description : maybe fits to something really heavy or maybe smthn dark if u pitch it down and destroy the sample xd
let me know what u did :D

Description : some simple dark trap drums. i get a horror type vibe from it :D I would love to hear what you do!!

Description : some sad vibes. alot of reverb and in the second part i added some filtered bells to give it even more space idk :D
Show me if u used it pls

Description : some trap metal drums made by me. would love to hear what u did :D
my first loop dont judge lol

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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