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Description : Just have fun, surprise me

Description : Tyrell-N6/Sytrus

Description : I was inspired by Travis Scott.
Made with rhodes(halftime/chorus)

Description : Christmas ahhh drums

Description : Loop made with Vital and Gross Beat (Gm-Cm-F-A#-D#-F-A#-D)

Description : Em - D - G - C

Description : Piano with Gross Beat

Description : Just an update of the first version

Description : I'm not sure about the key but the chords are C#m ; F#m ; E.

Description : Made with Analog Lab IV

Description : I used the sound of a qanun with the VST "Solo"

Description : Maybe for Afro beats

Description : I don't know about this one

Description : Melancholic celesta

Description : Reverse Rhodes
(I hope you like it ; show me your work with this one in comment please)

Loops (15)