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Description : hi :) XD

Description : ambient arp phaser pattern.

Description : i got really bored and decided to make a jazz loop? i really dought most of the people on this website are looking for this type of shit but here you go.

Description : Link me what you guys made

Description : youngin jorden

Description : Pyrex type drumz
leave link if used plz :D

Description : Well, idk really but have fun

Feel free to link work :)

Description : Hey, made this loop with electraX. Show me your work! id love to hear it.

Description : This is a guitar loop inspired by M2G

Description : yeeeee

Description : Link your song lol

Description : Idk again lol

Description : Idk really got really bored

Description : Idk link

Description : This loop is very special and idk why im giving it to you guys, but i feel like you deserve it.

Lmk what you make

Description : yeet yeah

Description : Id love to hear your work

Description : This loop is in the style of Polo G. Please leave a link, i would love to hear your work!

Description : I would love to hear your beats! link if you can.

Description : I'd love to hear your beats.

Description : Id love to hear what you have made with this.

Description : backwrds vocals lmao link me

Description : To be honest i dont even know

Description : Piano

Description : leave link please.

Loops 1 - 25 of 49